These instructions describe how to download and use the Robot Network pre-checker (a Robot Network software utility) to determine whether or not a Robot Network installation or conversion will complete successfully on your IBM i server.

Running the Robot Network Pre-Checker

The Robot Network Pre-Checker uploads and restores the Robot Network NETCHECK library on the IBM i, and then tests whether or not a Robot Network installation or conversion on the IBM i would succeed. The process is described in the following section.

  1. Download the Robot Network Pre-Checker for the IBM i (setupNetwork11PreChecker.exe) from My Downloads page on our website. Double-click it to start it.

  2. On the IBM i Details panel:

    1. Select or enter the IBM i where you want to load the Robot Network Pre-Checker.

    2. Enter a user profile and password that’s a member of the user class *SECOFR and has at least the following special authorities: *ALLOBJ, *SECADM, *JOBCTL, and *IOSYSCFG. The user profile should have Limit capabilities set to *NO. This profile will be used to restore and copy objects on the IBM i.

    3. (Optional) In the Advanced Settings section:

      • Enter a port number or use the arrows if you want to change the FTP port number to something other than the default of 21.

      • Select Secure File Transfer if you want to use FTPS (FTP over SSL) during the file transfer. The default FTPS secure port is 990, but it can be changed to the required secure port for your environment.

      • In the Timeout (seconds) field, enter the number of seconds the session should be kept active during an FTP transfer. You can choose anywhere between 25 and 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

        Note: If the transfer takes longer than the amount of time specified, the session will expire.

    4. Click Next.

  3. You have two options on the Product Load Options panel:

    1. Click Immediate Load if you’d like to run the pre-checker on the IBM i now.

    2. Click Staged Load if you’d like to transfer the objects now and run the pre-checker on the IBM i at a later time.

      Note: See “Running the Robot Network Pre-Checker on the IBM i” below for instructions on how to run the pre-checker on your selected IBM i system at a later time.

  4. The Product Load Progress panel for Robot Network Pre-Checker launches. When the processing is complete, you have two choices:

    • If this is the only test of Robot Network that you're doing, click Finish.

    • If you want to run the pre-checker to test Robot Network on other IBM i systems, click Restart. Then, return to step 2.

    Note: If the Product Load Progress panel ends with an overall Failed message, the product upload could not complete properly. To find the reason the upload failed, click View Logs and review your logs. You can also use Download at the top of the logs to save the information for future review.

Running the Robot Network Pre-Checker on the IBM i

If you chose to only stage your objects during step 3b of the Robot Network pre-checker process, do the following to run the pre-checker on the IBM i you identified above.

  1. On the IBM i, execute the following command to display the Work with Loads panel:


  2. Enter option 2, Run pre-checker, next to the Load Name for Robot Network Pre-Checker and press Enter.


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Last Modified On: March 30, 2021