When you request a standard banner page in Robot Reports, it creates its own spool file. If you prefer to have the banner page become part of the output spool file, you can create an alternate banner page. This alternative has specific rules and limitations.

The Laser Command in Robot Reports produces an additional page at the beginning of the spool file. Currently, you can type in any text on the Laser Commands panel and create your own banner page. By associating this laser command with the distribution record on the Report Distribution Overrides panel, it becomes part of the output spool file.

We have modified the Laser Command so you can enter two characters that Robot Reports can recognize and interpret: R for recipient name and S for segment name. If you enter these characters using the rules specified below, Robot Reports replaces the Rs with the name of the recipient and replaces the Ss with the name of the segment when it prints, producing an alternate banner page.


  1. The characters R and S must begin in the eighth position of the LASER command line (see the example below).

  2. There must be eight Rs or Ss entered.

  3. The Rs or Ss must be on a line all by themselves—Rs only or Ss only—with no other text (except that a few asterisks as shown in the example below may be used).

  4. The Laser Command must be attached to the distribution record.

  5. Be very careful not to enter any characters in the Laser Command that your printer will interpret as an instruction. Check your printer documentation.



If you bundle your reports, Robot Reports automatically creates a Packet Banner Page. The Laser Command you have set up with these instructions is automatically attached to the Packet Banner Page. However, when the Packet Banner Page is created, the processing program does not know which Report Segment it is for. Therefore, the segment variable will not be replaced. Only the recipient variable will be replaced.


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Last Modified On: November 18, 2019