Our standard phone demo for Robot Save covers the topics listed below. During the demo we will use an existing job from your system or manually create a test job, and we will discuss:

  • Review the system setup.

  • Discuss how to use a data center.

  • Discuss and create a backup class and backup set.

  • Execute a backup.

  • Discuss the procedures to follow after you run a backup.

  • Review and discuss restoration procedures.

Important: Before the phone demo, make sure that the current versions of Robot Save and Robot Corral are installed on your system.

Below is a list of additional Robot Save topics on which you can receive information (either during the phone demo or at a later date). If you would like information on a topic, mark it with an X and fax the topic sheet, along with your registration information, to the fax number shown below.

To set up a phone demo, call Technical Support at +1 952-933-0609, or fill out the information below and fax it to +1 952-238-8414.




Desired Phone Demo Date:_________


I am interested in more information of the following topics. Note: These topics can be covered during the phone demo or at a later time.

__ Current Robot Save setup and evaluation of current save strategy

__ System Setup and System Defaults panels

__ Data Center Management

__ Media Management

__ Encryption

__ Error Resolution

__ Move Sets

__ Backup Types

__ PC Backups (uses Robot Client)



      LIB (*NONSYS)


      LIB (Selected libraries)


      LIB (*ALLUSR)

      LIB (Selected libraries)


__ SAV

__ Domino Online Backup



__ Restricted State Utility (Allows a dedicated system backup to execute unattended)

__ Restoration

__ Full system

__ At a Hot Site

__ Library

__ Object

__ Source Member

__ IFS

__ DLO

__ Automated Media Library (AML)

__ Saving different backups on the same volume (Alternate Sets)

__ Other (please specify) _________________________________________________________

When preparing for a phone demo, do the following:

  • Have a tape drive available for us to work with (it should be one that will not adversely affect your operations while we are on the phone with you).

    • Know the type of drive and media.

  • If you are not already familiar with Robot Save , review the Robot Save Getting Started guide prior to the phone demo.

  • What is your current backup strategy?

    • A weekly *NONSYS and daily SAVLIB?

    • A weekly SAVLIB and daily SAVCHGOBJ?

    • A weekly SAVLIB *ALLUSR and daily SAVCHGOBJ *ALLUSR?

  • Media Usage

    • Do you use a scratch pool?

    • How do you name your volumes?

    • How many generations of a backup do you keep?

    • Would you like to share volumes across multiple systems?


Still have questions? We can help. Submit a case to Technical Support.

Last Modified On: July 19, 2019