The RBSADDTAP command works with Robot Save to help you manage your tape inventory. The RBSADDTAP command does the following:

  • Populates the inventory of volumes in Robot Save with historical volumes, one volume at a time

  • Reads the data on the volume and inserts it into the Robot Save object archive records

After the command has completed, the volume and archive information is available to Robot Save. The volumes then can be recycled into the scratch pool as they expire.

Note: You must be at Robot SAVE 8 or higher to use this command.

Steps To Use the RBSADDTAP Command

  1. Install Robot Save on your IBM Power Systems (System i, iSeries, AS/400) running IBM i (OS/400, i5/OS). Follow the online installation instructions.

  2. Set up Robot Save backup classes, sets, and rotations.

  3. Load the historical volume on the drive.

  4. Add the libraries RBSPGMLIB and RBSDTALIB to your library list.

  5. Enter the following command:


  6. Press F4 to display the command prompt.

Complete the command parameters with the information for your system. If you need additional information about the command parameters, press the Help key to display the command help.


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Last Modified On: March 30, 2021