Using the RBSEJQVOL command in Robot Save with automatic media librarians (AMLs) gives you the ability to eject volumes from multiple backups at one time. To set up your AML for automatic ejection, do the following:

  1. From the Robot Save Main Menu, select option 7, System Setup

  2. On the System Setup menu, select option 3, AML Maintenance

  3. On the Automated Media Library Maintenance panel, enter a 1 next to your predefined AML to select it.

  4. On the Automated Media Library Entry panel, enter one of the following options in the Delay tape ejections field:

    0 Does not allow queuing or turns off queuing

    1 Queues only volumes that are attached to automatic move sets and are to be ejected from the AML unit at a later time

    2 Queues all volumes that are to be ejected from the AML using Robot Save functions

Once the volumes are queued, you can eject them using the RBSEJQVOL command. The command also generates a report (RBS442P) that lists the volumes to be ejected.

You also can remove volumes from the ejection queue manually, if necessary. From the Automated Media Library Maintenance panel, select option 6, AML Queued Ejections. Or, select option 7, Automated Media Librarian Operations, from the Operations Menu. Then, on the Automated Media Library Operations panel, enter option 2, Queued Ejections, next to the AML name to eject the queued volumes.


  • If you're using a StorageTek AML, the command job will wait until the volumes are removed before completing. If the ejected volumes fill the port, the command waits until the volumes are removed from the port and then fills it with the remaining volumes before completing.

  • If you’re using an IBM AML, the command completes even if there still are volumes to be removed. The AML logic knows to eject the next set of volumes even though the job itself has completed.


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Last Modified On: March 30, 2021