You can schedule your Robot Save backup as a Robot Schedule job.

There are two options.

  1. From the Robot Save Backup Set Definition Maintenance panel, use option 6 to schedule the backup in Robot Schedule. This option automatically creates a link to the Robot Schedule's Initial Job Setup panel. Change the job name, if needed. Enter the run time and days just like any other Robot Schedule job. The RBSSAVE command is already entered on the Command Entry panel with the appropriate Class and Set.

    Note: Classes/Sets using Robot Save's Restricted State Utility (RSU) cannot be scheduled this way.

Note: If this option is selected multiple times for the same backup set, it will overwrite any customization previously specified for the Robot Schedule job. Either create a new job or make changes to the job using the Robot Schedule menu options.

  1. The job can be entered manually like any Robot Schedule job by pressing F6 to create a new job on the Job Schedule List. Enter the job name, time, and days to run.

    Press F10 to display the Command Entry panel. Press F21 to get a command line. Use the add library list entry command (ADDLIBLE) to add the Robot Save Program Library (RBSPGMLIB) to the library list. Press F12 to exit the command line and return to the Robot Schedule Command Entry panel. Enter the command RBSSAVE and prompt it by pressing F4.

    Enter the class and set name (or leave set *NEXT). Press Enter. Press F10 to display the Control Options panel. Enter a job description of RBSJOBD in library RBSPGMLIB. Enter a user profile that is authorized to run saves. Press Enter.


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Last Modified On: March 30, 2021