Our standard phone demo for Robot Schedule covers the topics listed below. During the demo we will use an existing job from your system or manually create a test job, and we will discuss:

  • The Job Schedule List and each scheduling option for the different job types.

  • The Scheduling Objects and how to create and attach these to jobs.

  • The Reports function, Schedule Forecasting, and Robot Query.

  • The Robot LEARN function and SBMJOB (Submit Job) feature.

  • The advanced functions of Robot Schedule: the enhanced RBTBCHUPD command; the RBTGRTAUT command; Submit Delay Model Jobs; OPAL; and Reserved Command Variables.

  • Installation and use of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) version of Robot Schedule.

To set up a phone demo, call Technical Support at +1 952-933-0609, or fill out the information below and fax it to +1 952-238-8414.




Desired Phone Demo Date:_________


I am interested in more information of the following topics. Note: These topics can be covered during the phone demo or at a later time.

__ Automatic setup of performance factors

__ System Setup and General System Setup panels

__ Multiple scheduling options

__ How well my current Robot Schedule setup works

__ Benefits and setup of Reactive jobs

__ Benefits and setup of Group Control jobs

__ Creating and viewing Scheduling Objects

__ Creating, reading, and using a Schedule Forecast

__ Other (please specify) ________________________________

When preparing for a phone demo, do the following:

  • Review the Getting Started section of the Robot Schedule Getting Started Guide.

  • Consider your goals for implementing Robot Schedule. For example, your goals might include setting up your manual process batch jobs, interfacing with Robot Network, or automating your nightly process backups.

  • Review the Introduction and Creating the OPAL Program sections of the Robot Schedule OPAL Reference Guide.



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Last Modified On: July 19, 2019