Updating Robot Schedule Enterprise Agents on a UNIX or Linux Server

  1. Download the Robot Schedule Enterprise unix_schent.tar file from the HelpSystems website.

  2. Use FTP to copy the unix_schent.tar file in BIN (binary) mode to your home directory on the UNIX or Linux system.

    Note: It's very important that you copy the file using BIN mode.

  3. On your UNIX or Linux system, type pwd at the command prompt and press Enter.

  4. The home directory and your username should display as: /home/. If they do not display, use the cd command to change to the home directory.

    Note: The Solaris home directory may be /export/home/username.

  5. Remove the agent_install directory with the following command:

    rm -rf /xxxx/agent_install

    where xxxx is the name of the directory where your previous installation files were stored.

  6. Enter the following command to create a directory for the installation:

    mkdir agent_install

  7. Transfer the unix_schent.tar file from your PC to the agent_install directory that you created on the UNIX or Linux system.

  8. Change to the agent_install directory using the following command:

    cd agent_install

  9. Unpack the unix_schent.tar archive using the following command:

    tar -xf unix_schent.tar

  10. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to a JVM version 1.5 or greater using the following commands:

    JAVA_HOME=/opt /<javalevel>

    export JAVA_HOME

    where javalevel is the level of your Java. For example, jre1.6.0_11

  11. Install the agent software on your system using the following command:


  12. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation. Press Enter to accept the default, which display in brackets.

  13. Start the server using the following command:

    /opt/helpsystems/schent/start.sh &

    Note: You may want to add this command to your server’s startup sequence.

  14. If you choose to assign file ownership to the user to run the agent system as, use the following command:

    chown -RRobot opt/helpsystems/schent

    where robot is the user you want to run the agent system as.

Updating the Windows Agent Manager

Use the Robot Schedule Agent Manager to set up agents on Windows servers.

  1. Download the setupAgent.exe file from the HelpSystems website.

  2. Double-click setupAgent.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions to update the agent service and Robot Schedule Agent Manager GUI.

During installation, you're asked for configuration information to set up your default agent. The name you choose for the agent alias is used in the Robot Schedule Agent Manager GUI and in the Robot Schedule Explorer for identifying the agent. The Remote Server to connect to is the IBM i that's running Robot Schedule Enterprise.


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Last Modified On: November 18, 2019