Important: Before the phone demo, install Robot Space on the IBM i and on a PC. Our standard phone demo for Robot Space covers the topics listed below.

  • Robot Guide

    • ASP monitoring

    • Job monitoring

    • Storage Audits

    • Collection Groups

  • Critical Storage Investigator

  • The Collection Explorer

    • Comparing two collections from the same collection group to determine object growth Reports

    • Good Morning Report

    • System Health Report

    • Using On-Demand Reporting to create HTML, text, or PDF reports.

  • Displaying storage audit and collection group results

  • Import/Export feature

  • Product Security

To set up a phone demo, call Technical Support at +1 952-933-0609, or fill out the information below and fax it to +1 952-238-8414.




Desired Phone Demo Date:_________


I am interested in more information of the following topics. Note: These topics can be covered during the phone demo or at a later time.

___ Trends

___ Graphs

___ Robot Query

___ Collection Event Threshold

___ Collection Classifications

___ System Setup (setup options, user preferences, and history purge options)



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Last Modified On: July 19, 2019