The following table shows the current versions for all Sequel products and the minimum level to run on each supported version of the OS.

General Information

  • You can download update and trial software from your account page.
  • If you have additional questions or problems, please contact Sequel Technical Support at 952-933-0609 (U.S. and Canadian customers). Others should contact their international representative.

How can I tell what I am currently running?

  • For Sequel, enter the command SQVER.
  • For Sequel ViewPoint, select Help/About on the ViewPoint main menu.
  • For Sequel Web Interface, enter the command SWVER.
  • For Abstract, enter the command APVER.
  • For Anydate, enter the command OSVER.
  • For Esend, enter the command ESVER.
  • For Sequel Data Warehouse, select Help \ About on the Development Client main menu.

Recommended Product/Operating System Compatibility

The following table shows the currently shipping version of each product and the minimum level to run on each supported version of the OS. 

Product Current
Data Access and Analysis Products
Sequel 11.12 11.081 10.301 10.15 10.04 8.5.346
Sequel ViewPoint 11.18.312 11.16.294 10.14.094 9.8.192 9.8.192 5.6.235
Sequel Web Interface 10.30 10.24 10.18 5.10 5.10 4.6.340
Sequel Web Server 2.52 2.1 -- -- -- --
Sequel Data Warehouse 8.2 8.0 7.05 7.03 6.04 6.01
Productivity Solutions
Abstract 10.43 10.39 10.34 10.16 10.16 10.6.010
Anydate 2.17 2.15 2.14 2.03 2.03 N/A
Esend 3.59 3.51 3.45 3.21 3.21 3.5.336

The Current Shipping Version is recommended for all supported versions of the operating system (7.3, and 7.2) with the exception of SEQUEL Data Warehouse version 7.x which requires V6R1 and above, and 8.2 which requires I5/OS 7.2.

1.  If connecting to Remote Databases, especially Microsoft SQL Server, current software is recommended but a minimum of 11.08 is required.

2. Sequel Web Server version 2.5 requires Sequel version 11.12.


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Last Modified On: April 04, 2019