Before You Begin

Sequel Web Interface (SWI) is shipped with at least three HTML documents—WELCOME, HEAD- ER and FOOTER (others may be included)—saved as source members in the SWIHTML file located in the SEQUELWI library (or whatever library name you restored the product into). These members can be used “as is”, but you may want to customize them for your own installation.

The process described below is specific to SWI version 5 or SWI version 10 classic screens (main, ob- ject list, results).

Also, be aware the install process will not preserve changes made to the SWI HTML members. If modi- fications are made to any of the members, be sure to copy the file to a safe place prior to installing a new version.

Customizing the SWI HTML Members

You can customize the appearance of the SWI HTML members to use similar design elements and graphics as your corporate web site. Almost any non-frame format will work. You may also create ad- ditional header and footer members to use for different divisions in your company or for different types of requests.

Alternately, you can request that NO header and/or footer be displayed with the results (see Suppress

HTML Headers or Footers in the SWI 10 Admin Guide) .

Members may be edited or created using your favorite HTML editor or SEU.

HTML Editor

  1. Create a new header/footer file with your HTML editor.
  2. Save the new HTML file on your network or on the Power i Integrated File System (IFS).
  3. (Optional) Issue the ADDPFM command to add a new member to the SEQUELWI/SWIHTML source file if you want to create a new member. Otherwise, you are free to overlay one of the exist- ing members with the new HTML file.
  4. Use the IBM i Access for Windows ‘Data Transfer to IBM i’ option to transfer your HTML file to the desired source member in SEQUELWI/SWIHTML. Click the ‘Details’ button in this dialog window, uncheck the ‘Use PC File Description’ option and specify File Type = ASCII Text.
  5. (Optional) When you make a SWI request, you may specify an alternate header and/or footer to use with the results (see Alternate HTML Headers and Footers in the SWI 10 Admin Guide).

    Note: The SEQUELWI/SWIHTML file was defined as 132 characters wide to allow editing with SEU. If you use an HTML editor the lines in your source may be wider, and will be truncated when the file is imported in step 4. Use the editor’s source edit function or MS-Notepad to adjust line feeds to limit the width of the HTML code to less than 132 characters in width.

Edit with SEU

You can also use SEU to edit either the WELCOME or HEADER members. The Welcome member controls the elements displayed on the classic SWI main screen. The HEADER member has an image reference (logo) for the object list and results displays.

  1. To modify the HEADER member, issue the following command to open the member in SEU:
    Look for this line which references the Sequel logo: (this is only part of the line)
  2. You have two options to use your own graphic:
    • Create your own graphic and save it with the same name as ours—SEQUEL_logo_32.png.

      Place it on the IFS in the SEQUEL\SWI\Apps\Images folder.
    • Change the line above to reference your logo file (place it in our folder, or the TMP folder).
  3. If you change the source member, press F3 to exit SEU and save your changes.

    Note: The WELCOME member contains the same image reference.






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Last Modified On: August 13, 2020