The Log Bundle is available starting with SWS version 2.4 (SWI R10M29, Sequel R11M11/Showcase R10M11).


  1. Browse to SWS (either Host or Repository)
  2. Authenticate to Local(SWS) as an Administrator
  3. Re-produce the error
  4. Go to Settings (upper right hand corner of browser)
  5. Select Generate Log Bundle. Keep all options selected (Sequel Logs, JDE Configuration, Configuration properties, Tomcast Logs, Authenticators Configuration, Database Dump).

IF on SWS version 2.4

  1. Go to SWS Server
  2. Send support the zipped file C:\tmp\

IF on SWS version 2.5 or higher

  1. Click on download After Creation
  2. Select option to Save
  3. Send the zipped file to support

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Last Modified On: May 05, 2021