There are times when the IP address of the SWS Unified Server changes. SWS itself doesn't usually have a problem with this, as long as the DNS resolves to the new address. However, the Windows agent in Automate refers to itself by IP address.

If the IP address of the Unified Server changes, it's likely that the only problem will be with Web Service jobs which will be queued but won't run.


  1. To check the queue and verify that's what is happening, log in to Automate Schedule as an administrator from a browser.
    1. Go to Agents \ Agents.
    2. Look for the Windows agent, normally called "DEFAULT".

      For example, "LARGO_DEFAULT" or "HS0409_DEFAULT". The name is configurable during the Unified Server install, but our documentation recommends names like that.

  2. Check the status of the Windows agent--most likely, it will show a status of "Failed".
    1. Next, check the jobs on queue - there should be a number of jobs in the queue. Active jobs will probably say 0 or "Unavailable".

      These are all indications that the agent is not active and there's something wrong with the configuration.

  3. From any PC on the network, ping your Unified Server by name.

    You will need to verify that the name can be resolved by DNS and also that the new IP address is displayed. You'll need to know what that IP address is shortly.

  4. Next, go to the Unified Server itself. You will need to log on to the PC - either on the PC itself or via Remote Desktop. On the Windows desktop should be a shortcut for Automate Agent Manager.
    1. Double click on it to start the application.
  5. On the Agents tab, select the "Default" agent (or the name of the Windows agent, if it's not Default).
    1. Click the Stop button. The IP address shown will not match what was returned when you pinged the Unified Server by name.
    2. Click the Edit button and change the IP address and then start the agent from the Agent Manager screen.
  6. Go back to the Automate Schedule web page, and you should now see that the agent is Active. The number of queued jobs should be going down and there may or may not be jobs listed in Active Jobs. The number of jobs queued should decrease rapidly, unless there are other problems with the jobs themselves.

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Last Modified On: May 05, 2021