Sequel commands for submitting jobs, such as BCHEXECUTE, BCHREPORT, and so on, do not provide a way to specify a job description in order to control the library list of the submitted job.

This is not a new problem as Sequel has always worked by internally hard coding *CURRENT for the library list value when it submits jobs. This works for the majority of users, but some would like to control the library list by specifying a job description instead.

To resolve this situation Sequel has been enhanced (in version R09M07) to check for the existence of a data area named SEQINLLIBL on the library list of the submitted job. If the data area is found and IF it contains one of the valid special values supported by SBMJOB for the INLLIBL parameter, then SEQUEL will use this special value when submitting requests to batch. If the data area does not exist, or does not have a valid value, then the default of *CURRENT is used.

Create the SEQINLLIBL Data Area

The data area SEQINLLIBL must be at least 10 characters in length. The VALUE parameter can be set to *JOBD, *CURRENT, *SYSVAL or *NONE. Issue the following command to create the data area:


Typically you will use this along with one of the Sequel batch commands. This can be automated in a Sequel, or a CL. For example, use the following to create the data area and submit a report request:

             LEN(10) VALUE(‘*JOBD’)



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Last Modified On: August 12, 2020