The Active Viewpoint Job Monitor provides access to your ViewPoint job’s connection status and some basic connection statistics. It also provides an easy way to end a Viewpoint session on the host without shutting down the client software. After connecting to an iSeries host, an icon is placed in the System Tray of your desktop.

The job monitor can be turned off on a user-by-user basis by setting a key in the Windows Registry.

If you are proficient with Regedit you can navigate to the following location and manually create the new string value:


Create a new key called “DisableJobStatus”, and modify the key value to ”Y”.

You can also create and distribute a registry file (.reg) for your users to save and run.

  1. Use a text editor and enter the following two lines:
  2. Save the file and name it ‘DisableJobStatus.reg’.
  3. Have the user save the file locally (on the desktop) and double-click to update the Registry with the new key value.


This feature is available in ViewPoint version 9.9.338.


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Last Modified On: August 20, 2021