By default, job scheduling in Viewpoint using HelpSystem’s Robot/SCHEDULE or System i scheduler is available for most generated output such as, System i files, PC files, report printing, and script execution.

Scheduling can be disabled on a user-by-user basis by setting a key in the Windows Registry.

If you are proficient with Regedit you can navigate to the following location and manually create the new string value:


Create a new key called “DisableScheduling”, and modify the key value to ”Y”.

You can also create and distribute a registry file (.reg) for your users to save and run.

  1. Use a text editor and enter the following two lines:
  2. Save the file and name it ‘DisableScheduling.reg’.
  3. Have the user save the file locally (on the desktop) and double-click to update the Registry with the new key value.


This feature is available in ViewPoint version 9.9.338.



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Last Modified On: August 20, 2021