Error while using an *ADS server definition while attempting to either: Open a view in Viewpoint Design, or Display Results in Viewpoint and SWS. This can occur in both Repository Mode or Host Mode.

The error is: Error while getting object definition for <library name>/<view name>. Data access restriction in SEQUEL object.

Some views can be used without error. It seems that the view with the error were all created by the same user, about the same time, or together via a Showcase 9-10 migration.


While this error can be caused by an actual security violation, that was not the case in this instance. Key elements:

  • Uses *ADS server connections
  • Affected views have something in common (such as being created by the same person or migrated from SC9 at the same time)

Check the SETDFT for the user profile. Be sure that the "Object Authority Checking" is not set to *ADS. If it is, change to *SYSTEM, at least temporarily.

What happened is that the view(s) in question was/were created with a non-ADS connection (such as *SEQUEL or *LOCALSYS) and the SETDFT setting of *ADS prevents them from using that connection type.

After changing the user's SETDFT, then change the affected views so that they use the ADS connection. Once all views have been changed, then they can switch SETDFT back to *ADS.

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Last Modified On: April 26, 2021