Viewpoint on Windows 10 requires IBM i Access Client Solutions Windows AP (Application Package).

Additional Comments

This does not require the core java Client Solutions to be installed. Windows AP can be downloaded from the Entitled Software Support web site.

When installing the Windows Application Package, the installer lets you omit several components. Of those optional components, the only one required by Viewpoint is OleDB Provider.

IBM is not doing any further development on Client Access (IBM i Access), so support on Windows 8 and higher is unlikely. Instead, users will have to use IBM i Access Client Solutions. The core offering of Client Solutions is a java based, platform independent product that has its own code base and its own configuration that does not require a platform-specific installer.

Because of these reasons, it can be deployed independently without other products. That is, the core offering requires no other product, and no other product requires it. That means that you are free to use the IBM i Access Client Solutions core offering without removing or installing the Windows products (which will have limited IBM support going forward).

Client Solutions provides most of the features available in the older windows product through optional application packages. These packages are composed of functions that are repackaged from IBM i Access for Windows/Linux. These functions share the same configuration as the legacy products, and have the same installation prerequisite. As such, they are incompatible with the legacy products. More specifically, the Windows application package cannot coexist with IBM i Access for Windows, and the Linux application package cannot coexist with IBM i Access for Linux.

  • IBM Client Solution – Windows Application Package ( AP ) needed for PC’s running Windows 8 and Viewpoint. (*IBM i Access Solutions Windows AP is replacing Client Access)

IBM i Access Client Solutions and IBM i Access Client Solutions AP information

The document at the below URL provides an example of how to obtain the Access Client Solutions Product from either the IBM I Access Client Solutions website OR the IBM ESS Web site. You must be entitled to IBM i OS V6R1, V7R1, V7R2,

Recommend reading before installing: Find information from the Introduction of IBM i Access Solutions, the different packages, and how to configure the IBM systems.

You can obtain the base package--IBM I Access client solutions at this URL:

OR You can visit the ESS Website for BOTH the baes Access Client Solutions Package AND the Windows Application Package:

Start by logging in to the ESS site:

Note: To download/use the Entitled Software Site (ESS) you will need your IBM Customer ID.

Watch this video for more information.

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Last Modified On: June 17, 2021