Users are unable to connect to a ShowCase server installed on a V7R4 system. ShowCase installed on a V7R3 system works fine.

On the V7R4 system, when users try to log in to ShowCase, they get an error similar to this:
#Error - Unknown error occurred in 'getObjectLibrary '. Reason: Incorrect character conversion between CCSID 1200 and CCSID 65535.

The showcase.log shows the following:

CUSTOM ERROR null RMI TCP Connection (3) - "04/21/2020 16: 43: 36.587 PM" Incorrect character conversion between CCSID 1200 and CCSID 65535.

Per our documentation, the ShowCase server was installed with ENP primary language and an appropriate CCSID pair as detailed in the ShowCase Installation Guide. System Value QCCSID is 65535 and user profiles have a CCSID of *SYSVAL. If the user profile is changed to a specific CCSID, then there is no error. However, this may not be possible as a long-term solution for business reasons.

Important:  Verify System Value QPWDLVL. If QPWDLVL value is 0 or 1, then the following resolution is advised. If QPWDLVL value is 2 or 3, this issue will be avoided. Customers must be cautious if changing this System Value, because changing security on the system can have wide spread impact on usability.

Final Resolution

Set System Value QSETJOBATR to be at least *CCSID (multiple values are permitted, but the only one affecting ShowCase will be *QCCISD). The default value for QSETJOBATR from IBM is set to *NONE. This is recommended for most customers, because the impact on users is minimal.

In summary, it is mandatory to use one of these options to resolve the problem:

  • Option 1: Change System Value QSETJOBATR to value *CCSID (with additional values optional)
  • Option 2: Assign a valid CCSID to the user profile, other than 65535 (*HEX)
  • Option 3: Change System Value QPWDLVL to either 2 or 3 (use with caution).

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Last Modified On: July 13, 2020