The following is a list of resolved issues or enhancements added to the listed version of Showcase, Viewpoint, Sequel Web Interface, Esend, and C&DS Migration Utility. The text describes the issue that required a change or update, or the enhancement.

Showcase 10

Currently shipping Version: R10M07:

The following Enhancements are included in this version:

  • Repository mode now offers an authentication model that allows for:
    • Users don’t require an IBM i profile
    • JDE prompting for Environment and Role
    • An interface that is based on the folder structure of the Repository
    • Use of long object names in both Viewpoint and SWI from the Repository
  • PostgreSQL database support added.
  • The TOSTMF path on the EXECUTE command size limit was increased from 128 characters to 2,000 characters.

The following Updates are included in this version:

  • Runtime SQL conversion for SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) displays the error QRY2232 ‘Cannot translate SQL from *SEQUEL syntax to standard SQL’ when field was named MOD.
  • After installing R11M05, processes writing to the QNTC folder no longer created a file.
  • When user defaults are set to Versioning and the view (*USRSPC) had an Authorization List to secure the object, re-saving the view would remove the Authorization List.
  • The Viewpoint Universal drivers for an ADS or JDE connection was initially designed with an internal limit for the longest string that can be passed of 9999 characters. The limit was increase to 20,000.
  • OPNSQLF on a DDM file at V7R2 failed with the error ‘Value specified in UFCB (User File Control Block) is not valid at offset 151’.
  • Some views return a "SQL0305 Indicator Variable Required" error when no records are returned using *LOCALSYS connection.
  • Versioned output was not produced if the target folder did not exist. Now the folder will automatically be created.
  • Using EXECUTE to email PDF results when no records are selected, and user defaults are set to ‘Send if No Data No’ results in error EML0070 ‘Spool file attributes not eligible for selection’.
  • When emailing view or host table output that exceeds 132 width and no records were selected, and the user defaults were set to send the email, the email was not sent because the second, not the first spooled file was searched for.

The following enhancements are included in version R10M05:

  • Added  EDTWRD and EDTCDE handling when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) or SERVER(*LOCAL). f the underlying column/table/schema for a given result column can be determined, the edit word/edit code, if one exists for a numeric field, will be displayed as follows (in order of precedence): 1)The value provided by EDTCDE() or /*<S-EDTCDE()-S>*/ in the SQL, 2)The value provided by EDTWRD() or /*<S-EDTWRD()-S>*/ in the SQL, 3)The edit code or edit word associated with the field in the DDS, 4)The edit code J.
  • Within the user defaults (SETDFT), a prompt was added for selection of Default Data Base (SERVER).
  • SETAUDDFT command will not error when there are more 9,999 user data areas.EXECUTE command now retains field text when creating output files when using SERVER(*LOCAL) or SERVER(*LOCALSYS).

The following updates are included in version R10M05:

  • Using DSPVIEWD to generate CL source generates MCH0603 ‘an array index is out of range’ in program DSPVIEWD1 in rare instances when the formatted SQL string uses spaces at the end of the line feed.
  • Referencing a UDF without the qualified library that is not in the SEQUEL or SCSERVER10 library, generates an error that the item was not found in *LIBL, even though the UDF library is part of the Viewpoint or Green Screen job. Introduced in Mod 4.
  • Character fields defined with CCSID 65535 are unreadable when using Viewpoint Universal Driver for Advanced Database Security or JDE connections.
  • Using EXECUTE command, when no records are selected, still sends and email when SETDFT E-Mail Distribution flag is set to N. Mail should only be sent if ‘Send if no Data’ is set to Y.
  • All commands changed to Allow Limited Users *NO.
  • EXECUTE command creates output fields without field text when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) or SERVER(*LOCAL).
  • Convert/Import Query (CVTQRY) command errors when the % sign is used in LIKE comparisons.
  • A host report over a *LOCALSYS view with runtime prompting ( SQLVIEWMP ) does not create a proper report definition (PRTRPTD).
  • Error RNX0100 ‘Length or start position is out of range for the string operation in SWPGETOBJD’ displays when saving a Client Table if the view has exactly 60 fields on the SELECT clause.
  • EXECUTE to an outfile sporadically displays message ‘MCH1210 in *PGM QRYO03 at instruction x'00EE'’ with views that are SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL).
  • Running a Script View where the SCRETURN command has a TEXT parameter shows the script object text at runtime, not the text specified on the parameter.
  • Using the CHGVAR command in a script with a SERVER parameter to a remote database, fails to return a value.
  • ANZAUDDTA command fails with duplicate timestamps CPF5149 ‘Operation for program device or member CPIALL is not valid’.

The following updates are included in version R10M04:

  • Issue corrected when DSPVIEWD is used to create a source file, where derived fields with a certain length expression causeed the line to break inappropriately, depending on the length of the keyword that follows the expression.
  • DSPVIEWD now supports the REMARKS parameter of a view, and wild card names like CUST* when used to create a source file.
  • For the JOBQ parameter of the BCHEXECUTE, BCHPRINT, BCHREPORT, RUNSCRIPT, RUNSCRIPTV and RUNSCRVPT commands, *JOB was removed as it was not a valid value.
  • The SEQUEL object ZLIB was renamed to SEQZLIB to avoid potential conflicts with objects of the same name.
  • Issue fixed where loading the Query Audit data (ANZAUDDTA) errored with ‘CPF5009 and CPF5026 duplicate key in QRYSUM when the timestamp of the requests is identical’.
  • The runtime SQL conversion for SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) now supports CHAR(date, format) function with the formats JUL, JL1, MDY, YMD and DMY.
  • Issue corrected where scripts were incorrectly parsing out a RUNCMD command if prompted views are used in both the CMD and VIEW parameters of the command.
  • VALID_DTS function loops causing job to hang in rare instances.
  • Using the JDE driver, the descriptions of date fields were not displayed correctly.
  • Security setting *STRICT always gave error when view was SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SERVER).
  • Server installation over the top when the SEQUELWI library did not exist failed.

The following enhancements are included in version R10M04:

  • When using SYNTAX(*SERVER), the Edit Code (EDTCDE) and Column Heading (COLHDG) values will now be supported.
  • A new value for the user defaults for the Security setting of *ADS has been created. This setting makes it easier to enforce the Advanced Database Security settings.

The following updates are included in version R10M03:

  • DSPVIEWD now supports syntax of *LOCALSYS/*SERVER and will exclude host table objects (*SQLTBLV).
  • Within the user defaults (SETDFT) the expected behavior of the new Query Time Out setting is that if there is a value there (*NOMAX for example), that setting will be used, but if its left blank, the Query Time out Setting in the QAQQINI file will be used.
  • EDIT Function may result in the decimal being moved 1 position to the right for some fields.
  • Script Views that contain variables, do not retain the Description Text when they are saved. It keeps the default value of SEQUEL Script.
  • RUNSCRIPT was not handling SETVAR for EXPR variable with one value using all single quotes.
  • DSPSCRIPTD TYPE(*SRCCL) fails with ‘RNX0100 Length or Start position out of range’.

The following enhancements are included in version R10M03:

  • Excel and Access can now be referenced as a view data source.
  • Update Microsoft JDBC driver to 1.2 with hot fix for greater compatibility.

The following updates are included in version R11M02:

  • Runtime SQL conversion (SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) cause error with the CEILING function.
  • A view with SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and Alt-named fields where the name contains the # character, produces quotes around the name which causes a syntax error.
  • When running command SCHSCRIPT to search for a given text string, a spooled file report is generated called SCRFNDRPL. Overprinting was changed to make the column headings visible.
  • REPORT and REPORTVPT commands allow *XLS for the PCFMT parameter when running Client Reports.
  • JDE driver connection caused error running view when a Julian date field is used in a CASE statement in SELECT clause with DATE function wrapped around it and same column added in GROUP BY. The JDE driver by default adds the DATE wrapper (if already not added) around such columns (JDE Julian date format column), hence the converted date field in GROUP BY clause was getting customized with Date() causing an error.

Viewpoint (top)

Currently shipping Version: 10.17.104:

The following Enhancements are included in this version:

  • Dashboards now have a setting for Default Font.
  • The Viewpoint log now includes the date and time in the filename like so: VPlog_02242017_113011.txt. Files older than 7 days will automatically be deleted.
  • New command line switch added to allow logging to be turned on without the warning message to the user /z:q

The following Updates are included in this version:

  • View Designer (with server connection of remote—not *LOCALSYS or *SEQUEL) displays error ‘SQ9999 Error occurred in SQL Call Level Interface’ when switching to the Files & Fields and there is an alias field used mixed as “SumLval70”.
  • View Designer (using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL)) removed the GROUP BY clause when switching to the Files & Field tab and view contained a WDATA on the SELECT clause.
  • In View Designer Files & Fields tab (for *LOCALSYS views only) derived fields that result in a DATE data type will now apply a type of DATE in the TYPE field.
  • In View Designer (using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL)) the Expression Editor to build the WHERE clause should use the AltName of an expression, not the expression itself.
  • In a *LOCALSYS view, when building conditions in the WHERE clause Expression Editor, file identifiers are included when you select fields from files and not variable names.
  • Opening a view in View Builder when files are not library qualified on FROM clause displays error 'A library is required for selection'.
  • Application open in design will now detect any changes made to the view.
  • Temporary files created by the Viewpoint OLE DB Provider will now be deleted.
  • Emailing IBM i joblog from Viewpoint when there is a single apostrophe in the message text, failed to deliver email.
  • When saving a client report over a view with either a numeric or an expression type variable (with no default value), will return an error that the value is not a valid numeric value for the numeric variable, or a syntax error for the expression type variable.
  • Running a dashboard from a Viewpoint shortcut (.vpt) multiple times could produce a ‘runtime automation’ error message. Problem introduced in VP 11.16.294.
  • Viewpoint is buffering data from a view when run in a dashboard, even though charts are designed beyond the initial records.
  • The ability to provide custom edit masks on 7 segment digital gauges has been restored and improved by extending the supported mask from 6 characters to 20 characters.
  • In Dashboard designer, resizing gauges very often causes the gauge to shrink or disappear.
  • Running a client report from a script using the REPORT command to email displays the error MCH1210 ‘Receiver value too small to hold result’.
  • Saving a client report when the view had an Expression (EXPR) variable, without a Default Value, would fail.
  • In the Script Designer on Windows 10, prompting a second command did not show the command prompter, but the log showed the error ‘there was a problem with DLL: cwbunapi.dll’.
  • From the Excel Add-in, Refresh All was not working with two views from two different hosts.
  • From the Excel Add-in, when refreshing data if a prompted view returns no records, the current data is not blanked out.
  • From the Excel Add-in, when refreshing all variables, even if from different views, will combine into one prompt.
  • Dynamic Drill Down and Show Details option display syntax errors when the view used WDATA.
  • Viewpoint Administrator will now all you to delete a remote server entry.
  • A .vpt shortcut to create PC file without /D switch should prompt for path information.
  • The Import > Query option will now use the SERVER and SYNTAX settings from the User’s defaults.

The following enhancements are included in version 10.16.294:

  • Text size on many objects (views, host table, client tables, Client Reports, Scripts, Script Views, and Applications) was increased from 50 to 128 characters.
  • View Builder and View Designer will support ‘Fetch First’ with a *LOCALSYS or *LOCAL connection and *SERVER syntax.
  • Allow library name to be specified when saving Viewpoint object to Repository.
  • In the Script Designer Variable tab, grid columns will match the view designer to make more readable.
  • Excel Add-in now supports 64 bit Excel.
  • Dashboards: 
    • The 2 dimensional chart options were added to menu dropdown.
    • Copy/Paste actions added for Gauges, text boxes, action button and graphics. 
    • New option for Web Preview to see an HTML preview.
    •  Snap to grid for easy alignment of text, action button, and result windows.

The following updates are included in thisversion 10.16.294:

  • In Administrator, the copy defaults option was using the default user—not the selected user.
  • From Administrator, Set Defaults option, copying a current user defaults to a new user profile causes a
  • View Builder and View Designer give error that file cannot be found when the datasource is another *ISERIES connection.
  • View Builder did not allow creation of multiple derived fields.
  • In Warehouse Builder from ViewPoint Explorer, caused error due to parameters not being passed.
  • Script View run in Viewpoint Explorer runs the body of the script twice.
  • Prompted Script that runs from a Viewpoint shortcut results in the following error MCH1202 unmonitored by VPTJMSG at Statement *N, instruction X'0011'.
  • Option to schedule an email as PDF failed when using the IBM Job Scheduler.
  • Email request from Viewpoint as PDF ends abnormally, error in print command, when host version is less than R11M04 (for Sequel) or R10M04 (for Showcase).
  • From View Designer, file in FROM clause specified with *LIBL does not send message when library is not on the library list of Viewpoint job.
  • From the View Designer Files & Fields tab, when designing a DATABASE(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) View, use of EDTCDE(L) on a numeric field will be dropped when moving to/from the Files and Fields tab.
  • View Designer should omit literals and constants from GROUP BY Clause.
  • View Designer not handling French à character in FILE names with SERVER(*SEQUEL)
  • From the View Designer, displaying view result after stepping in to a SELECT statement of a UNION view causes and unwanted ORDER BY to be added to the full SQL Statement.
  • Once a DISPLAY returns no records, the script ends without running the remaining steps.
  • When a user has assistance level set to 1 or 2 and View Builder is enabled, the setting renders the CRO (User based license) design window in a small frame and it cannot be resized.
  • When two DATE variables used a default value and the second variable was *NOPROMPT, the first variable used the wrong default value.
  • Unable to enter date of 12/31/9999 in date variable when run in ViewPoint.
  • Dynamic Drill Down (Regroup or Show Details) fails with a *LOCALSYS view with file qualified fields.
  • Creating a shortcut from a view display that also includes a chart produces a .vptchart file type instead of .vpt.
  • Expression Editor better handles field names with double quotes.
  • Subtotals in view results did not show if the ORDER BY fields used a field with an alias name.
  • Dashboards:
    • A dashboard with an Action Button set to Autorun fails to run a prompted object successfully when the variable is passed using /SETVAR.
    • Chart title should be consistent at design time and run time.
    • When the Dynamic Drill Down List file (SEQUEL/VPTDYNFLTR) contains a list of fields, only those fields are available for dynamic drilldown. If the file contains fields, but no fields that exist in the files that a grouping view references, then the option to view the complete list should appear in SWI, as it does in ViewPoint and SWS.
    • Reprompting from a dashboard with a graph for new choice and receiving less records, produces an Overflow error.
    • Digital gauge custom mask entries, like a $ sign, don’t display correctly.
    • Inserting a view that returned no records cause the Designer to hang.
    • Variable prompt windows often show behind the dashboard and cannot be seen.
    • After adding chart, right click for Properties caused Properties window to come up behind designer window.

The following updates are included in version 10.16.098:


  • From the ViewPoint Explorer, clicking on an object and cut, the paste action gives error CPD0043 ‘Keyword OBJTYPE not valid for this command’.
  • From Script Designer, unable to save a script if changes were made after saving it
  • If a Client Table is opened for design, but the only changes made are in the Group Footer Editor, the warning message "Do you want to save changes to this Client Table" was not issued.
  • Using *SERVER syntax with a Grouping view with expressions for columns, Drill-Down/Show Details creates invalid SQL syntax.
  • Runtime SQL conversion when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) will convert inner join to WHERE condition with an additional pair of parentheses.
  • Runtime SQL conversion when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS) and SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) failed when a UDF name is schema qaulified (i.e. select sequel.valid_date(2150101,''*CYMD'')).
  • VALID_DATE function loops in rare circumstances.
  • ViewPoint option for Field Sorting will now default to position, not alphabetic, for new installs.
  • Import Query/400 option will now default to a view, not a report.
  • Creating a Host Table over a view using the ViewPoint Universal Driver (JDE or *ADS connection) caused an error.
  • From View Designer Files & Field tab, removing any files except the last file caused ViewPoint to hang.
  • Application Builder can now create drill to option for Client Reports.
  • Silent Install now supports the Excel Add-in install.
  • Dashboard Action Button to Email View Results was not sending view text for subject line for PDF attachments.
  • ViewPoint is unable to save view containing a WITH predicate.
  • From the Variables tab of View Builder or View Designer, in the Integrity Test for DBLIST, the ‘View List’ button di not return records when the view name was specified.
  • The Expression Editor of both View Builder and View Designer now has multiple entries for the DATE function.


  • Default background color changed to white.
  • Default font changed to Verdana size 11 for text and Verdana size 9 for Action Buttons.
  • Default chart colors changed to 128 Pastels.
  • After bringing a chart to the front or back, it will now be sizable.
  • Text in text boxes will now be centered.
  • Gauge using the COUNT function that returns a single record with now work correctly.
  • Gauges did not work correctly when PC region setting did not match IBM I setting.
  • Background image size changes on mouse click.
  • When closing a dashboard using the X, the save option will now give you option to save as pc object as well as IBM i object.
  • If a chart is built over a Client Table, the hide data option will work.

Excel Add-in

  • Able to add View columns to non-contiguous columns in Excel therefore allowing blank columns in the spreadsheet.
  • Spreadsheet containing a view with a name that contains a special character (such as @), did not have the add-in available.
  • Add-in would freeze if using a prompted view, choose Refresh, Click Cancel on prompt window, and close the spreadsheet.
  • Choosing View References and then columns causes error Cannot find column[viewname] Line 0 in some instances.
  • Using a view with hidden columns (WDATA) showed incorrect fields in Choosing Columns list.
  • View that returns one record will not refresh when the second requests has more than one record.
  • On the 22nd refresh, the add-in would hang.
  • Extendable area not automatically resizing when a prompted view is used.
  • When the view contained a grand total and a calculation was added to the extendable area that is a percent of total, when the refresh returned different amounts of data, the calculated field was wrong.
  • Improved control on Column Selection window.
  • The Add-in will now use brings data into the spreadsheet, columns should be formatted as specified in the view.
  • Add-in is now supported for Excel 2016 32-bit.
  • System Default will use Default Sever from ViewPoint Options.

View Builder

  • The Files tab will use the ViewPoint Options to include or exclude logical files in the list.
  • Creating a new view with SYNTAX(*SERVER) with a left outer join corrupts the SQL statements and causes ViewPoint to hang.
  • View Builder will now use the ViewPoint option for Field Sorting on the Field tab.
  • The File tab will now have *FAVORITES in the Group pull down to use the favorite list of files from ViewPoint Options.
  • View Builder hung on the Join tab when the same file was added more than once.
  • Sort tab will now show list of fields when SELECT * is used.
  • Sort tab now allows properties for Ascending or Descending and Absolute value sorting.
  • The Field tab will now use the ViewPoint option for Field Sorting.
  • On the File tab, resequencing the files did not actually change their order on the FROM clause.
  • On the Field tab * for all fields is now removed when fields are selected.
  • Expression Editor of Filter tab now has a third combo box for field comparisons.
  • File tab will provide Member list for multiple member files when using SYNTAX(*SEQUEL).
  • Filter tab will now support derived fields when using SERVER(*LOCALSYS).

The following enhancements are included in version 10.16.098:

  • The Auto-join process has been updated to support views with SYNTAX(*SERVER) when the join criteria appears on the WHERE clause.
  • The Edit User Library list option and be restricted by setting Allow Command Line to No in the user defaults.
  • Dynamic Drill Down (details and regroup) is now supported with a datasource of *EXCEL or *ACCESS.

The following updates are included in version 10.15.317:

View Designer

  • View Designer grammar improved to allow double quoted identifiers in non *SEQUEL syntax sql. Also removed the quotes when checking against column names in a table.
  • View Designer should allow quotes around library names that contain special characters.
  • In ViewPoint Designer, if a DATABASE(*LOCALSYS) view is changed to DATABASE(*SEQUEL) when there was a left outer join with derived fields then, attempts to save the view results in Run-time error '0'
  • Script Views containing variables now retain the Description Text when they are saved instead of the default value of SEQUEL Script.
  • Script with commands like VPSHELL and SWIOPEN that can specify complicated strings containing multiple bits that begin with an ampersand (&) failed to do variable substitution.
  • A DBLIST variable that uses a description field to show in the dropdown list has a filter that is dependent on another non-dblist variable. If you run the view without actually clicking on a dblist value, the description value was used rather than the field value in the variable substitution.
  • When run from a shortcut, a prompted Script containing an EXECUTE to an existing file errors with ‘MCH1202 unmonitored by VPTJMSG’.
  • A script using a REPORT command to display a CRO report generates the error QRY2212 ‘PC Format of *TEXT requires Stream File or Recipient entry’.
  • During Save To Repository from Design Script, once the IFS location is chosen for the .vptscript, an erroneous additional dialog displays for the library location. This has changed so the script is always saved to the user's default repository location.
  • A Migrated ShowCase DBQ that includes a subquery is now supported in the View Designer. The WHERE clause disappeared in Files & Fields tab.
  • Migrated ShowCase DBQ referencing JDE data with multiple derived fields displays error when trying to open in View Designer ‘Graphical Design Interface ! Unknown Select field format’.
  • Migrated ShowCase DBQ with SUBSTRING in FROM clause errors when displaying results: ‘Column or global variable not found when using View Designer’.

View Builder

  • Starting from View Designer, clicking View Builder from tool bar, followed by Cancel, and before saving, would not present an opportunity to save.
  • Files tab now displays message if file is not found.
  • Alias field names supported by the Files and Filter tabs.
  • Files tab now allows selection of file Member name when using *SEQUEL syntax.
  • View Builder Assistance Level *BASIC (1) and *INTERMEDIATE (2) now supports complex views with subqueries, very long CASE expressions, and JDE data with multiple derived join fields
  • View Builder Variables tab should always use single quotes when the view connection is *LOCALSYS.
  • On the Fields tab of the View Builder, there is a Pencil icon that can be clicked to edit a field, and an Up arrow to move the field up in the list.
  • If a derived field was highlighted, the last derived field on the list is acted on - not necessarily the field that was highlighted.
  • In View Builder, if you highlight any derived field in the list of fields, the Down arrow is no longer grayed out, as if the field is the last on the list.

The following enhancements are included in version 10.15.317:

  • Silent Install now supports modular switches to control installation of Client Report, Administrator, and Excel Plug-in.
  • In the email to download the Client Table Viewer, the link was updated.
  • New Excel Plug-in with the following:
    • Extendable area to allow Excel calculations based on dynamic data
    • Field/Column selection
    • Limit and modify number of row returned
    • Add multiple views to the same sheet
    • Add multiple views to different sheets
    • Selectively re-prompt or re-prompt all
    • Jump function to move easily through the spreadsheet to any extendible area or view

The following updates are included in version 10.15.167:

  • On a French language PC, from the results of a view or host table, the option for Format Layout gave an unstable error.
  • On PC with language settings that use the comma instead of the decimal point, opening ViewPoint gave an unstable warning message.
  • View Builder was removing the WHERE clause if it contained a NULL comparison.
  • In View Builder, creating a CVTDATE expression erroneously assigned an edit code M.
  • In View Builder, the File drop down list did not render a list based on the file name filter if you keyed in a library name first.
  • Editing the User Defaults using a drop list to the set one of the library values cause the user defaults to become corrupt and would cause errors about invalid parameter values.
  • View Builder Fields Tab, creating expressions without assigning a name results in the builder creating invalid names, such as 1 & 12.
  • View Builder Fields Tab, editing a field creating an expression, if you choose Cancel the original field is deleted. If you choose Done to finish, the field/expression is moved to the bottom of the field list.
  • From view or host table results, selecting Format\Layout on a French language PC caused a runtime error.
  • ViewPoint not handling French accent character in library names.
  • Decimal conversion error on product version when opening ViewPoint when PC setting used decimal instead of period like on a French language PC.
  • From the embedded Client Report designer, Display Results failed if report is built over a prompted Script View.
  • In View Builder, selecting a field and choosing the Edit (Pencil) button, then clicking on the Editor button, if you click Cancel at this point, the field is no longer being deleted from the list.
  • In View Builder when creating an expression, if you click on Done before entering in an alternate name, you now get a message that requires you to enter in a name before completing.
  • Improved message handling in View Designer when the SQL statement is not valid before re-entry into View Builder allowed.
  • Improved message handling in View Designer assistance level 3, when entering View Builder with a blank SQL statement.

Sequel Web Interface (top)

Currently shipping version R10M26:

The following Enhancements are included in this version:

  • When a user is restricted from an object or folder, they will no longer see the object or folder in the list.
  • Unwanted folders can now be removed from the Repository tree provided user is authorized.

The following Updates are included in this version:

  • A dashboard containing a view with subtotals and the tool bar is hidden did not complete running.
  • Negative values in a client table do not graph in using a SWS connection.
  • Using a SWS connection, file locks and license locks are not released with buffered results (greater than 100 records returned).
  • Using both a SWI and SWS connection, the DB List box of a variable will not be entry capable.
  • Views using Database *LOCAL or *LOCALSYS with a variable with DB Lists that display a field value, and pass that same value to the view did not display the list of values.
  • Using a SWI connection, Dynamic Regrouping and including derived field generates a syntax error.
  • Running a host table with either a SWI or SWS connection, and with Sequel Auditing turned on, scrolling down past 100 records, would cause the buffering to freeze.
  • Saving results to .xlsx from a view that returns results containing a null value, Excel will not open the resulting file, instead issuing the message: ‘File format or file extension is not valid’ when running a repository object from SWS.
  • When emailing host report results from SWI, either after results are displayed, or directly from the SWI explorer screen, the user is prompted for variables and email, but then fails with error: Value '...' for TITLE exceeds 50 characters.
  • Digital Gauges do not refresh on a dashboard in SWI/SWS when the Reprompt option is chosen.
  • When defining an IBM host in SWS, the connection URL is now created to include ‘naming=system’.
  • Rare circumstances result in the following error when running a client table on a SWS server in Host mode: ‘PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar []; nested exception is org.postgresql.util.PSQLException’.
  • Digital gauges on dashboard run in SWI or SWS only display for a single data window. Second data source gauges remain a value of zero.
  • In Chrome with a SWI connection, a blank page was rendered until F5 (to refresh) was pressed.

Version R10M25:

Generated for internal use only.

The following updates are included in version R10M24:

  • From Repository a .vptreport shortcut doing Save Results> Repo File>RTF creates corrupt file.
  • The presence of a slash ( \ ) at the end of any object description text prevents a list of objects including that view from being displayed.
  • Client Reports (SQLRPTC) and Client Tables (SQLTBLC) with a variable using a DBLIST with check(multi) did not properly quote the string.
  • Script View with a DBLIST, multi-select prompt variable not passing variable string correctly.
  • When the Dynamic Drill Down List file (SCSERVER10/VPTDYNFLTR) contains a list of fields, only those fields are available for dynamic drilldown. If the file contains fields, but no fields that exist in the files that a grouping view references, then the option to view the complete list should appear in SWI, as it does in ViewPoint and SWS.
  • Reprompt of variable with DBLIST gave error.

The following updates are included in this version R10M23:

  • I/O Error. Broken Pipe when using remote database connection from SWI in some instances.
  • From a SWI connection, Dynamic Drilldown will now work when the view has a variable as part of the library name.
  • From a SWI connection, Email sent to a Distribution list is only sent to the first 2 recipients in the list.
  • Using SWI, Right click a CRO report or Display and then Click Download > RTF will now work.
  • When running Dynamic Drill Down ( Regroup / Show Details) on a view with SERVER(*LOCALSYS) SYNTAX(*SEQUEL) in SWI you get CPD4306 ‘field is not unique’ if picking a field name that is found in multiple files.
  • When using Regroup with a SWI connection, the HAVING clause should be removed but should remain when using Show Details.
  • Running a prompted view/report/table in SWI fails if prompt value has an apostrophe in it.
  • Within the repository additional shortcut types were created to distinguish between a Host Report (.vptreporth) and a Client Report (.vptreport), and Host Tables (.vpttableh) and Client Tables (.vpttablec), and Script (.vptscript) and Script Views (.vptscriptv).
  • Using a SWS connection to run a Client Table built over a ViewPoint Universal Driver connection (JDE or *ADS) is now supported.
  • In a SWS and SWI connection, download and email of a Client Report (CRO) now supported.
  • JD Edwards World A9.2 users unable to log in to SEQUEL Web Server, received error ‘Your connection has been expired. Please retry your action.’
  • JD Edwards World A9.3 users unable to log in to SEQUEL Web Server if only 1 Environment assigned to user.
  • SWS will now require ADMIN credentials to change host configurations.
  • Basic users cannot connect with SWI due to authorization to running the CHGCURLIB command
  • Prompt Variables with default values that include decimal amounts are rounded, and do not display the actual value saved with the view.
  • Drill Down Application with a hash symbol (#) in title of object, did not run.
  • From the SWI Explorer displaying of all results, including unbuffered like script views, will honor date sorting when the date style is MDY or DMY or USA or EUR.
  • From a dashboard, Reprompt All button does not display if the last variable has prompt text of *NOPROMPT.
  • When a variable is used for a multi-select DBLIST, the length of the variable will be honored so an unlimited number of values cannot be entered.


  • On a bar chart, x-axis labels are now supported to show values under the bar.
  • On a chart with many points, x axis lables can be set to show every nth value. When saved on a dashboard, this attribute is not retained.
  • Charts built over views with sub-totals in the results should not graph subtotals.
  • Bar Chart exported from display to PC file did not render correctly.
  • Right titles are now supported.

Deployment Bundle

  • EXECUTEVPT command will auto-create output folders if they don’t exist when job is run from Skybot.
  • Running a CRO report in a Skybot job with a VP Server name that contains a dash, errors on CPD0050 ‘Expression operator not allowed for parameter RMTLOCNAME’.
  • Jobs run through Skybot using the EXECUTEVPT or RUNRMTCMDVPT will now automatically create the folder for the output if it does not exist.
  • Signon prompt added for HOST and SKYBOT user when requesting download of joblog.

The following enhancements are included in version R10M23:

  • Using a SWS connection, a variable with a Database List will now be supported for remote database views.
  • The repository now supports dashboard objects as .vptdash objects.

The following updates are included in version R10M22:

  • View Subtotals are missing in SWS when Save to Repository is used.
  • SEQUEL Application from SWI or SWS, drill down causes a prompt screen to appear instead of automatically passing the required data to the "drill to" view with NAME or EXPR type variables.
  • When running an Application from SWI or SWS, the text above the Drill down results was coming from the description text defined in the View Definition.
  • Now the title uses the text defined on the Option File entry on the Drill down results.
  • Views with DB list prompt variables that display a value from one field, but pass a value from a different field to the view intermittently pass the description field instead of the value field to the view only on re-prompt.
  • When a dashboard is run from SWI or SWS, the order of the prompt variables appear in no particular order. This is most noticeable when the there are several sequential variables.
  • Using SWS, when a dashboard that has a DBList(s) is launched, the DBList(s) will only show the default value.
  • From SWS, running a Host Table (SQLTBLV) to Save Results/Download/PC file when no records were selected did not send message.
  • Variable with Values List with double quoted values does not pass integrity check when run in SWI.
  • For SWI and SWS, using Right click/Save Results/Download to a PC file on a Host Table that returned no records did not produce a PDF file with the No Records Returned message.
  • Emailing results from a SQLRPTC (CRO) file in SWS sends file with temporary name.
  • Running a view in SWI/SWS, and highlighting some values in a column to see the Total at the bottom right, if there are any negative values highlighted, they are not included in the Total, and they are treated as zero.
  • In a Client Table, a calculation that is based on other calculated columns could show incorrect results in SWS.
  • SWS shows no implied drill option based on options in file with like variable names.
  • When a Client Table with column totals suppressed via Format>Layout> Then Click each of the 'Row' fields and uncheck show footer, is displayed in SWS, the column totals were still visible and in fact are the only level to show initially.
  • From SWS, a Client Table that was designed to have fields with the " visible " box unchecked in Format>Layout>Fields tab so that the field isn't displayed in the results, but the field is available to be used in other calculated fields, was displayed.
  • Client Report should have option for xls when downloading to a pc file.
  • From SWS running a .vptview from the repository and using Dynamic Drill Down options of Regroup or Drill Down gives error ‘object in QRECOVERY not found’.


  • Single quotes in Action Button Text display as 2 single quotes.
  • A chart with an apostrophe in the Title will not display in SWI/SWS.
  • Embedded Excel spreadsheet did not open if using Excel 2013.
  • Made chart titles consistent between SWS and ViewPoint. For instance, in SWS the chart title is {‘Total A/R’ by ‘Sales Region’} but ViewPoint used {Total A/R by Sales Region}.
  • Added support to keep legend on the left side is that’s how it was created in ViewPoint.
  • Bottom legend customized to show every other or every third in VP does not translate to SWI/SWS - all legend info is shown.
  • Trends "Limit lines" and "mean/avg lines" are missing in Line charts
  • Edited – customer legend (labels) not visible.
  • Chart colors changed to match ViewPoint more closely.
  • Line graphs improved to:
    • Show line and not small circles
    • The range defined in the graph is not used - instead it uses a default range (0 - 100) and, depending on the data, can render the graph useless.
    • When a line is displayed, it is too pale, and should be more prominent as in ViewPoint.
  • The graph window title bar is missing in SWS
  • Gauges are showing different value ranges between VP and SWI; range steps are no longer in specified increments.

The following enhancements are included in version R10M22:

  • Properties of a view can be restricted by user.
  • Support for prompting of JDE Environment and Role when using the ViewPoint Universal Driver (JDE Driver) and running views and reports from SEQUEL Web Server.
  • SWIOPEN COLSET parameter length increased from 315 to 512 positons to accommodate longer URL strings being passed.
  • Apache version upgraded to 2.2.29.
  • Implement local variables for Skybot to avoid collision errors when we have several jobs that want to use a variable named &CUSTID for example. With private Skybot variables we could set the CUSTID variable for every job and avoid these collisions. This would also simplify our current prompting scheme, and allow for cleaner web service URLs and variable names.
  • In SWS, limitation of 800 for variables using a DBLIST was removed.
  • SWI/SWS increased email address book drop-down to more than 1500 entries.
  • A Drill Down application that uses an option file where some runtime variables are set to hard coded values fails to pass any values when run in SWI and SWS.
  • SWI/SWS fails to process command in Drill Down options when the command is qualified with a library name.

The following updates are included in version R10M21:

  • User defined title in graph from dashboard not used.
  • Dashboards run with zero values for the speedometer or thermometer values were not displayed.
  • From a dashboard, line graphs were rendered with the wrong series order.
  • Dynamic Drill Down (drill from a GROUP BY view) does not honor 'Dynamic Drill Down List' defined in the ViewPoint Administrator.
  • Dashboard overlaps when using Zooming in or out from Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • From SWS a value with an apostrophe passed to a prompted view would cause the request to fail.
  • Action buttons from a dashboard did not work when DSPNETA had a different name than the system defined in in SWS.
  • Digital graph not rendering number represent time (HH:MM or HH:MM:SS) with an edit mask correctly.
  • SWI/SWS hangs when rending a gauge created with a blank custom mask.
  • On a dashboard, a text box that contains a single quotes displayed as two single quotes.
  • From a host tables the Download to a PC file in PDF option, both save and open, rendered message that the file could not be opened.
  • From SWS, a SQLIVEWM (with SERVER other than SEQUEL) did not show sub-totals if they were saved with the view.
  • In a dashboard, a radial gauge had the maximum value ignored and the actual gauged cell value became the maximum and the gauge displays maxed out.
  • In a dashboard, and Action Button running a command string for a prompted view with SETVAR should not prompt.
  • Client Tables from SWS with calculated fields without a specific derived field name will not longer end in a ‘Mondrian Error:Internal error’.
  • User based license was not released when view is reprompted and run again from Auto-Prompt window.
  • Multiple fixes for passing prompted values with quotes.
  • Dashboard bar chart not using column/series order the same way as ViewPoint when user changed graph defaults.
  • Skybot Integration:
    • When creating a Skybot job around a Client Report object, the drop down menu for the extension of the output file needs to allow for XLS files.
    • The output location of Skybot jobs in SWS should allow writing to UNC paths outside of the REPOSITORY.
    • Skybot settings button no longer visible when using unsecured URL.
  • Repository:
    • Expanding the repository and drilling into multiple levels of folders, then creating a job, returns you to the high level repository folder.

The following enhancements are included in this version:

  • File type xlsx add to the Save Results\Download to PC\Export to Excel option.
  • Creating a job from a view or a vptview the Output File parameter now has a type of HTML in the drop down.
  • Improved Navigation Pane that is completely collapsible.
  • Additional options added to ViewPoint Administrator for SWI Functions List control.

Esend (top)

Currently shipping Version: R03M54:

No updated for this version.

Version R03M53:

Generated for internal use only.

The following updates are included in version R03M52:

  • Adjust email header to add appropriate white space like:
    To: "Recipient Name" <recipient email address>
  • Execute or ESNDFILE with recipient list longer than 1000 characters fails with EML0069 ‘Recipient is not valid’. Limit increased to 2000 positions.
  • The distribution rules (ERPTRULES) will ensure that when the email is the same address, just a different case, the email is sent only once.

The following updates are included in version R03M50:

  • WRKSPLFE should work like WRKSPLF with respect to running option 2 CHGSPLFA and prompting.
  • FTP Server entry now allows you to change the sub functions of EPASV and EPORT in FTP.
  • Using WRKSPLFE option K for CPYtoOUTQ has improved performance.
  • The process for handling reply list entries to messages has been changed to remove the use of RMVRPYLE and ADDRPYLE.

The following updates are included in version R03M49:

The following updates are included in version R03M48:

  • Spooled files sent to multiple recipients using a unique distribution rule are not legible.

C&DS Migration Utility (top)

Currently shipping Version: 11.17.104:

The following Updates are included in this version:

  • When Showcase 9 DBQ's are migrated that use JD Edwards Date Fields, an Alt Name is assigned/imported. This caused Viewpoint to interpret it as a derived field, and the JDE column headings are not displayed.
  • If a variable name contains an accented character (i.e. É, é, È, è, Ê, ê, Ë ) the letter will be converted without the accent.
  • Reports migrated whose database connection uses the Viewpoint driver either for Advanced Database Security or JDE, did not migrate well. Formatting attributes from the original report were missed.
  • JD Edwards Decimal fields are migrated with extra formatting that's not needed. This makes ViewPoint think that they are a derived field and the JDE column heading is not displayed correctly.
  • Improved migration of .rpt reports when PES file contains mixed data sources which prevents reports from being created without detail fields.

The following enhancement is included in version 10.16.277:

  • The report generated by the CVTWHBLDR command will now show all of the SETS that were converted and to show all of the DEFINITIONS that each SET contains and provided better delineation between sets. 

The following updates are included in this version:

  • DBQ is migrated without quotes around the value for a variable (field is character).  This results in an error when the migrated View is run.
  • When this DBQ with grouping functions is migrated, the DATE function is omitted from the SELECT clause, but is retained in the GROUP BY clause, thus causing an error.
  • In non-English environment migration gives error ‘ASCII to EBCDIC Client Access API cwbNL_ConvertCodePages failed’ when right or left single quote is encountered.
  • ShowCase Report Writer Reports (file type RPT) with null-capable variables migrated successfully, but variables were not null capable.
  • When migrating from a C&DS Repository using a PES file, if the dbq or rpt was used in a job the Migration Utility will identify and migrate the latest version of the objects.
  • DBQ using ‘Fetch First’ will not migrate correctly.
  • When the datasource was a named *ISERIES connection, the the squiggly brackets, for instance, { fn CURDATE( ) }, where not properly migrated.
  • The report generated by the CVTWHBLDR command will now show all of the SETS that were converted and to show all of the DEFINITIONS that each SET contains.

The following updates are included in this version 10.16.98:

  • The Convert Warehouse Builder (CVTWHBLDR) process has been improved:
    • Report of the conversion will list all data sources and data source types.
    • Two additional parameters have been added to the command:
      • USEIC (use isolation control), values *YES and *NO, with *YES as default.
      • LCLSYS (Convert Serers to *LOCALSYS), values of *YES or *NO, with *NO the default.
    • Warehouse Builder Definitions using the DATA function failed to migrate correctly.
  • Improved messages when running the import from ViewPoint and the migration fails.
  • Importing a DBQ over SQL Server data with date prompt drop down using the full timestamp caused errors.
  • Importing specific ShowCase DBQ in ViewPoint allows the user to over-write existing Views with no warning.
  • Migrated ShowCase RPT that includes a derived field using USER()failed to migrate correctly.
  • Migrated CADS job using a JOB variable does not honor some prompt values when run in SWS
  • Migrating a CADS job that is in a path containing parentheses fails to run in SWS.
  • Migrated ShowCase RPT over SQLServer data with CONCAT and SUBSTRING functions failed to migrate.
  • ShowCase 9 dbq failed to migrate when prompted variable with a database list used a default value of a percent sign (%).
  • Some ShowCase reports created prior to version 9 imported incorrectly and used slashes instead of commas in between field names.
  • Security setting for *PUBLIC will now be honored when migrating.

The following updates are included in version 10.15.317:

  • Imported DBQ sort order is incorrect if there's a break group defined for a field that is sorted.
  • A C&DS job failed to migrate when a single job with multiple steps that were iterative producers and consumers that were out of sequence.
  • DBQ’s with library surrounded with quotes because the name contained special characters did not migrate correctly.
  • DBQ’s with optional CHAR function in DATE expression did not migrate correctly: DAYS(DATE(CHAR(caldte),yyyymmdd,CHAR))
  • DBQ with left outer join and derived field using SUBSTRING for the join did not migrate correctly.
  • CVTWHBLDR command fails with an error in *LIBL/QMHSNDPM because the input file /sequel/swi/VPTXXX.vptxxx cannot be found.
  • DBQ contains two files that use a left outer join. The join fields are dates, and the join expression uses the DATE function.
  • DBQ uses the USER() function to create a column did not migrate correctly.
  • Imported DBQ with Union is replacing one file.field entry in the SQL with a file/field entry.
  • Imported DBQ with system name specified and *LIBL for library name gets Unable to retrieve columns error.
  • Migrated ShowCase DBQ with prompted variable dblist returns no rows when variable contained *LIBL reference to file for the drop-down list.

The following enhancements are included in version 10.15.317:

  • Migration will translate null variable into the new leading/trailing syntax.
  • Migrated DBQ will include customer column headings.

The following enhancements are included in version 10.15.135:

  • Migration support added for ShowCase 9 column alias attributes.
  • Migration support added for ShowCase 9 Warehouse Manager Security.
  • CADS folder and file authority are migrated to the IFS folders in the repository.

The following updates are included in version 10.15.135:

  • When migrating a CADS job that saves dbq results to an NTFS file path( any remote PC) the job runs fine, but the results are not saved to the remote location.
  • In the Migration report, the percentage successful of PES file stats was not correct.
  • CADS migration utility report lists some jobs twice.
  • Added XLS extension for Sybot jobs that run Client Reports.
  • A migrated iterative CADS job with e-mail recipients fails to run in SEQUEL Web Server.
  • Import dbq option failed when dbq contained variable that should be QSTRING type with a values list with quotes.
  • Migrating DBQ’s with prompted date BETWEEN converts the two variables incorrectly.
  • Migrating DBQ's that use SQLServer data with either CURDATE, CONCAT, TIMESTAMPDIFF or SUBSTRING, migrated but did not run.
  • Migration failed on DBQ against IBMi data that uses the DATE function for several fields that are also used in the GROUP BY clause.
  • Imported DBQ’s showed Date BETWEEN prompts in a different order in ViewPoint.
  • Changed the default server connection to *LOCALSYS from *LOCAL to better handle DBQ’s that use *LIBL for the library of the files on the FROM clause.
  • The data sources were created using a lower-case "database name" in the connection string. Subsequent running of a View afterward failed to display results and generated an error in View Builder. Now data sources will automatically create names in upper case.
  • Migration error ‘Invalid group condition’ for DBQ with a DISTINCT and GROUP BY.
  • Migration over large PES file caused heap corruption when running in a multithreaded environment.
  • Migrating a job that contains an invalid e-mail in a notification causes the job migration to fail.
  • Migrating a CADS job with TXT results to an NTFS path sets PCFMT parameter incorrectly.
  • ShowCase DBQ's with the DATE function import successfully but give "Column or Global variable CYYMMDD not Found" when run. Date format will now have required quotes.
  • DBQ with DATE function in the WHERE clause gives error during migration that WHERESCSERVER10 is not valid – no space between WHERE and SCSERVER10.



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Last Modified On: April 21, 2017