If your Showcase Warehouse Manager server will not start you can debug the issue with the steps below.

  1. Check to make sure you have the appropriate Java Developer Kit version installed, Java Toolbox installed, Java Group PTF's and Database Group PTF's installed. See the ShowCase 9 Installation Guide.
  2. Check java requirements (must have appropriate JDK version and Java Toolbox installed)
  3. Run the java check helloworld command to verify JAVA is working properly.                                                                   
  4. Do a WRKJOB on SCSERVER and option 1 next to most recent then option 4 to look at spool files.  Look at the QPJOBLOG and any QPRINT's
  5. Check IFS security on root ('/') and scserver:  *PUBLIC should have *RWX authority.  Make sure the IFS attached to the ShowCase library was restored.
  6. Make sure CFGTCP Option 10 and 12 are setup correctly
  7. Try doing a RMVSCTCP and then an ADDSCTCP of the ShowCase server TCP/IP port number.    
  8. Verify that QSECOFR profile:
    • Has not been disabled or password expired.
    • Has a CCSID of 37
    • No Group Profile
    • No Home directory, just the root of the IFS (/)    
  1. Get a trace of the server job attempting to start. It is necessary to capture the trace of the job submitted by the STRSCSVR command. Note: Replace serverlib with the name of your ShowCase server library.
    1. Issue WRKJOBQ  serverlib/SCTCP
    2. Issue  HLDJOBQ JOBQ(serverlib/SCTCP)
    3. Enter STRSRVJOB and prompt with F4
    4. Type in the server library name as the job name, QUSER for the user and all 1's for the job number. Hit F12.
    5. Enter TRCJOB, prompt with F4 and hit F9. Set Maximum Storage to use as 16000 and hit F12.
    6. From a second session, enter the    serverlib/STRSCSVR   command.       Note: In about a minute the job will timeout while sitting on the job queue so starting the service job, the job trace and releasing the queue must be done fairly quickly.
    7. On the first session hit F5 to refresh. Note the job number of the job now on the job queue.
    8. Hit F9 twice to retrieve the STRSRVJOB command. Fill in the correct job number and hit Enter.
    9. Hit F9 to retrieve the TRCJOB command and hit enter.
    10. Enter   RLSJOBQ serverlib/SCTCP   and hit enter.
    11. When the server fails to start enter TRCJOB *OFF. This will take a moment to process.
    12. When it completes issue an ENDSRVJOB command. You may get a message saying 'no job being serviced.' This is normal.
    13. To locate the job trace type in WRKJOB, hit enter and use Opt 4 to access the spool files for your current session. The QPSRVTRC spool-file contains the job trace.


Ref#: 1479247





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Last Modified On: January 29, 2021