General description

Sometimes you think that the Security Agent (secmonitor) isn't reading journal entries, in that case it could be useful to check the value of the reader pointer it has just to understand if it's reading new journal entries or not.

Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

The command: DSPDTAARA B_DETECTOR/AUKRNINF will show you the following information:

/* Layout de la DTAARA */
/* Pos Desde Pos Hasta*/
/* Last RCV Name: Char(10) 1 10 */
/* Last RCV Lib: Char(10) 11 20 */
/* SEQNBR: Char(10) 21 30 */
/* Flag Dettach: Char(1) Y/N 31 31 */
/* New RCV Name: Char(10) 32 41 */
/* New RCV Lib: Char(10) 42 51 */
/* Last MsgKey: Char(4) 52 55 */
/* SEQNBR TYPE5: Char(20) 56 20 */

So, for example in the next image:


We can see that the SECMONITOR is still reading the journal receiver called QSYS/QAUD009563, specifically the journal entry 480274475.

We could also execute the command WRKJRNA to know which are the resting journal receivers that the Security Agent will have to process.

In our example it will be: WRKJRNA QSYS/QAUDJRN, and then F15.

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Last Modified On: September 24, 2017