These pages contain articles relating to Tango/04.

This article explains wether Tango/04 iseries products are compatible or not with a SAVE/RESTORE migration.

Displays a table of compatibility for Tango/04 iSeries products with IBM i O/S Versions.

A quick guide to checking iSeries product versions. 

An article explaining how to backup Tango/04 products that run on Windows. 

This entry explains how to force the upgrade of Tango/04 iSeries products, no matter which version you had previously installed. This is the solution if you try to install a new version over an older one and you get an error message like: Library XXXX not installed because current version: XXX is greater or equal than version proposed to install: XXX

A guide on how to manually purge the iSeries databases.

Procedures to uninstall Tango/04 products from iSeries.

A table displaying where you can find each data area.

In order to create the databases needed by our products in an easier way, we created some scripts to automate it. Related Topics: Products Installation, Deployment Tools

A short article on rectifying an "Unknown user provider" error message.

This document details support for independent ASPs in Tango/04 products.

T4BD.dll and Some thinkserver agents mix their logs making very difficult to diagnose.

Tango/04 applications parameters when FQDN (fully qualified domain name) is needed

Whenever you are trying to start a web product, in the first step you get an error saying: "Unable to connect AccessServer".