Problem description / Issue description

The logs for T4bd.dll and some thinkserver agents are mixed making very difficult to diagnose problems or extract relevant information when a bug is found.

- SQL Security (SQLAudit.dll)

- Oracle Operations (OracleAgent.dll)

- PythonSubAgent or derived (PythonSubAgent.dll)

- SLA Agent (BsmAgent.dll)


The agents with this issue do not write their log in the file they are expected to be. Instead their log is written in the T4bdlog file (according to the T4BdLogger.config log level and settings)


This is caused by an incorrect log settings file for each of the modules. 


Attached to this article there is a zip file containing the correct log settings file for each of the modules involved in this issue. To apply the fix simply extract the zip content in the root folder of Thinkserver install directory and replace the existent file with the new ones. After the patch is applied the Visual Message Center - Thinkserver service must be restarted in order to load the new settings files.


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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018