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In our different products we usually. keep the URL of other services in configuration files in order to be able to call them when necessary. These are the steps to follow when a FQDN is needed.               

Pre requisites

First, stop the services of SmartConsole and the IIS (web service) for WebClient, Dashboards and Reports                       

Step 1

For SmartConsole:

Go to the folder smartconsole\config, and edit the file Kernel.cfg.

This file is an xml and you need to look for the following nodes:


    <accessserver url="hostname:18081"></accessserver>

    <sharedobjects url="hostname:8444" refreshtime="120"></sharedobjects>

    <events url="hostname:18088"></events>



You need to change the name of the host and replace it by its FQDN, for example hostname.domain 

Step 2

For SmartConsole WebClient:

Go to the folder SmartConsoleWebClient\config, edit the file AccessServer.xml.
Find the following node:

 <ip> hostname </ip> 

It is necessary to do exactly the same that in the example of the Smartconsole, to change hostname for FQDN. 

In the same folder, the file Hydra.config needs to be edited:
Find the following node: 


   <sharedobjectsurl> http://hostname:8444 / </sharedobjectsurl>


There, change hostname by hostname.domain

Step 3

For Dashboards: 

Go to the folder Dashboard\Web\config  edit the file AccessServer.xml. 
Find the following nodes:

<ip> hostname </ip>



Change hostname by hostname.domain  

Step 4

For Reports:

Go to the folder Reports\config  edit the file AccessServer.xml.
Find the following node:

 <ip> hostname </ip> and <sharedObjectsURL></sharedObjectsURL> 

Change hostname by hostname.domain

Post requisites

After changing these configuration files, restart Smartconsole and IIS services and it should already work for SmartConsole and WebClient.

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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018