Problem description / Issue description

When you are trying to use any of our products that needs to validate credentials with Access Server, you get an error saying: "Unable to contact access server".

Step 1

  • Go to the server where you have installed and running the service AccessServer.
  • End the service Access Server.
  • Start the service Access Server.
  • Validate that the service is properly running by pressing F5 in the services.msc window.

Step 2

If step 1 did not work out, please check that the information in the Access Server configuration file is correct (particularly the ip).

Post requisites (optional)

  • You'll have to restart the IIS in some cases, depending the product (Reports, SharedObjects, SmartConsole Web Client, Dashboards).
  • You may send the file: ..\tango04\accessserver\bin\logs\AccessServer.log to our technical support area so that we can try to find out what has happened.


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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018