What is the script VMC_Debugging_Agent_v6r1.mac?

The script VMC_Debugging_Agent_v6r1.mac is a macro file with a sequence of instructions to convert the program state of a list of programs in the VISUALW library (VISUAL Message Center Debugging Agent) into *SYSTEM. This macro is prepared to be executed using IBM System i Access for Windows. 

Why do we need to run the script?

At the time of writing this document, there are no APIs nor other IBM official methods to create the same advanced functionality (unique in the market) that a user can have with this tool.

Why can we not have a more normal method to install the product?

Because there is no API to change the program state to *SYSTEM value, at least, up to current operating system version.

What guarantees do I have that the execution of the script is not going to destroy anything in my system?

Tango/04 has been an IBM Business Partner since 1991 and we work tightly with IBM Rochester. Frank Soltis is an habitual speaker in our events. We have more than 2000 customers around the world, including 11 of the greatest banks in the world.

What kind of collateral effect could we have after executing the script?

None. All the Tango/04 programs are located in the VISUALW library, which means they will not be added to any other libraries different from the product itself. If a customer audits objects with the program state in *SYSTEM, only programs in the VISUALW library will be changed. A list of programs used is provided in VDW-POSTINST-ES document.

Does the execution of the script affect objects authorization?

Not at all. As we said, we only change the program state of a list of programs in the VISUALW library. These programs don’t have any other relation to other system tools. Therefore, the scope of this change affects only the VISUAL Message Center Debugging Agent product.

How can I be confident with what the macro is supposed to do?

The script is open source. You can easily explore what the macro is doing in any moment. The format of the data in this script is quite easy to understand. All changes are made to programs in the VISUALW library and no other objects are changed. You can see the content of the script using NOTEPAD or any other editor.

What kind of functionality do the changed programs have?

Please see VDW-POSTINST-EN document on page 5 for a list of the changed programs and a brief description of their functionality.

I am not able to capture jobs since I installed the last version of VISUAL Message Center Debugging Agent. I’m receiving error message CPF18CF. What is happening?

This only occurs when you are working with VISUAL Message Center Debugging Agent in an operating system version V6R1M0 or higher. Make sure you have your system value QALWJOBITP properly configured. This must be changed to 2 if necessary. Please note that change to this system value does not take effect immediately; therefore, you will need to do an IPL of your system to enable.

When running macro y receive error message: "...macro file is too large..." or "..macro file is too big.."

If you receive an error stating that macro file is too big and/or needs to be converted user the VMC_Debugging_Agent_v6r1_VB.mac file instead of the VMC_Debugging_Agent_v6r1.mac file.

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Last Modified On: October 10, 2019