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The following document should help you diagnose issues related to the Post Installation. The most common error is 0201h and, usually, the reason is a corrupted Post Installation.


You can check whether the Post Installation has been performed or not, running this command through an interactive session:

Visual Debugger for Windows: DSPPGM VISUALW/VSPTFM01

Once you receive the output, check the third screen. If everything is alright, you should see V5R1. Otherwise, you will receive a line containing V3R6 or V4R1


1) Always remember to perform the product "first run" using QSECOFR.
2) After executing the script you will need to change the system value QALWJOBITP to 2. And remember that, a change in this system value only allows VISUAL Message Center iSeries Support Agent to interrupt new active jobs, so you won't be able to work with all your jobs in your system since next IPL.

See also: 

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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018