Problem description / Issue description

Some times, the system operator receives this message on his queue:

Message ID: BDH0001
Message: VISUAL Message Center: the QHST monitor is not working properly and delaying message delivery.
Cause: Tango/04 VISUAL Message Center has encountered a problem trying to send messages to the message repository. Apparently the message dispatcher is waiting for information from the QHST monitor and the QHST monitor is not responding. This is provoking a delay in message delivery.
Recovery: if messages are received normally please ignore this message. If not, verify that the QHST monitor is in normal state. If it is held, release it. If it is in a message waiting status, try to fix the problem and restar (or completely end) the QHST monitor. Ending the monitor will speed up message delivery but the SUBSYSTEM field will not be filled in some cases.


The HSTMONITOR sends this message to the operator queue when for some reason the message delivery to the SmartConsole is delayed (normaly when the HSTMONITOR is starting, or the synchronization of the interactive and historical monitoring is being done). This is only an informative message and could be ignored, unless you are facing one ot these two situations:

  1. The SmartConsole is not receiving messages from the iSeries agents.
  2. The message appears in the QSYSOPR continuosly and with an interval of aprox. 12 seconds (the sincronization interval of the monitors).

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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018