Problem description / Issue description

Into the Joblog of the BD_MONITOR you find messages with the text: "Duplicate record key in member BDHST02X" or "Duplicate key not allowed for member BDHST02X.".


The duplicate key message is normal, and it is an autoreplied message.

This message is caused because the product looks for messages on an external queue and it finds them duplicate because it has already registered them.

Those messages are harmless, specially when HST Agent is started and reflects status of synchronization of messages retrieved previously. So if you only get this messages when HST is started there is no problem to worry about.

You should only worry about them if they are occurring all the time, hundred of times an hour for example.


Possible solution if HSTMONITOR generates 1000+ mgs and ends

A possible solution would be the following:


This would work as a *NOW option and will not process old events that might be causing this behaviour.

Init number of days (FROM) - Help:

Specifies the maximum number of previous days to the current date the QHST monitor will retrieve events when starting.  This FROM parameter allows you to retrieve messages that have been stored from previous days. Set
this parameter as the amount of previous days that you would like to retrieve. The QHST monitor will retrieve events from the parameter set date to the current date. 

The monitor stores the date of the last event retrieved, and it will use, as a start date, the newest between the one of the last message retrieved and the one of the days specified in the FROM parameter.  If the monitor has been
shut down for some time, when re started, it will look at the FROM parameter set (as explained above) and compare that parameter to the last message that was registered on the monitor. It will always use the parameter that is the
most recent. Ex) If the system has been shut down for 7 days, and the FROM parameter is pre set as 2, then the system will retrieve the messages from 2 days prior, and not for the 7 days.

Specifying a high number of days in the FROM parameter will cause a slower start of the QHST monitor. 

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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018