Problem description / Issue description

When I try to get messages from an iSeries system in my SmartConsole I receive this error: "Error message received from the server, error code : 020Eh User XXXXX is not allowed to use SmartConsole at system YYYYYY."

Cause (optional)

The user you selected and configured into the NICELink Configurator of the SmartConsole isn't allowed to get the events created by the VISUAL Message Center solution into iSeries.


1) Enter interactively to your iSeries (in this case the one called THAILAND)
2) Type "GO T4NICELINK/T4NICELINK" to enter the VISUAL Message Center general menu
3) Select the option "6. Go to Visual Message Center Menu"
4) Select the option "1. Work with authorized users"
5) Press the key F6 in your keyboard and create the new entry for the user you want to configure (in this cas VMC)
   5.1) "User" -> The user name
   5.2) "Object Authority" -> *ALL
   5.3) "List Mgt" -> Put an X or not, whether if you want this user to be able to enter this menu and manage the rest of the users

Attachments (optional)

SmartConsole 8.0 User Guide (See Chapter 2)

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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018