How to remove USRMONITOR from the AutoStart Jobs

1) To remove its related entry for autostart jobs into the T4NICELINK subsystem you should execute: RMVAJE SBSD(T4NICELINK/T4NICELINK) JOB(USRMONITOR)
2) To avoid enable the autostart again after an update of the product you should execute: CHGDTAARA DTAARA(B_DETECTOR/USCONFIG (1 4)) VALUE('*NO ')
3) In order to remove the simultaneous execution of both USRMONITOR and SQLMONITOR (regardless of the autostarting mode or not) you should execute: CHGDTAARA DTAARA(B_DETECTOR/SLCONFIG2 (101 4)) VALUE('*NO ').
So far, the USR monitor would be unable to restart after an IPL. But the USR Monitor could still be launched by executing the command B_DETECTOR/STRSQLMON or selection option 12 from menu SQL_MENU.

When starting the SQL monitor the USRMONITOR is also launched. If you don't want to have USRMONITOR in your system any longer and would like to unable permanently any possibility of being launched then you should follow these steps:

So far, it is not possible to launch USRMONITOR.

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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018