Problem description / Issue description

SQLMONITOR does not start and the log shows the error ʺMAXIMUM OF 10 MONITORS ALREADY ACTIVEʺ


There is an IBM limitation for the STRDBMON *ALL command used to monitor SQL. This limitation sometimes doesn't show all the time if the ammount of jobs monitored is not high or the SQLMONITOR is not configured to use that command.


To solve the limitation directly there is a PTF from IBM issued on Jun 27, 2012 that solves the problem for V6r1:

It can be also solved by changing the SQLMONITOR configuration so that we don't issue the command for with *ALL parameter:
Opc 6 -> Opc 60 -> Opc 3 -> F10
Set "STRDBMON for all Jobs" in *NO

Additional information

STRDBMON can be issued to start a single monitor for each job entering the system o only one to monitor every job on the system. Using one monitor for each job doesn't have a performance impact on the system , specially if monitoring only SQI, and is a valid way of configuring the product.

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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018