Problem description / Issue description

B_DETECTOR authorization list only controls essentials security objects for user mode (see events and similar tasks), but not administrative objects (that allow to change different configuration sections).


Error appears when trying to change some VMC configuration parameter with a user without sufficient privileges. An example: Try to change monitor message queue list.

Step 1

Use a user with *ALLOBJ permission. If you want to use the same user you have to set its authorization with the following command:


Important: If the user has others special permissions, they will be deleted when the command is executed. In order to avoid this limitation you have to execute CHGUSRPRF USRPRF(__user__), press F4, then F10, and add the value *ALLOBJ on the parameter Special authority.

Step 2

Secure all objects of type *CMD in library B_DETECTOR with the authorization list B_DETECTOR with the following command:


Then you need to add the user to the product authorization list B_DETECTOR. There are two ways:

  • Execute the command ADDAUTLE AUTL(B_DETECTOR) USER(__user__) AUT(*ALL)
  • Enter the VMC menu with GO MENU(B_DETECTOR/BD_MENU) command, enter opcion 1 and add the user to the list with F6.


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Last Modified On: October 22, 2018