General description

This error appears when you try to access to one of your interactive jobs. Let us look the following image:

This error occurs after doing the post-installation. The important step of the post-installation process is when we have to change the system value QALWJOBITP to 2. 

Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

We just have to look at this following declaration which appears in the Post-Installation guide:

Important: A change in this system value only allows VISUAL Message Center iSeries Support Agent to interrupt new active jobs, so you won't be able to work with all your jobs in your system until next IPL.

It means that after changing the system value to 2, It will only works for those jobs you run/open from that moment, and it will continue appearing the same error for the oldest interactive jobs.

You just have to wait for the next IPL in order to have access to all of your interactive jobs.

Download the post-installation guide here

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018