General Description

Support Agent's FAQ are usually the same as Debugging Agent. So answers are exactly the same but changes will be applied on VSCREEN library instead of VISUALW (Debugging Agent Library). Check this manual for further reference: Debugging agent Post Installation FAQ.

Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

The script VMC_Support_v6r1.mac is a macro file with a sequence of instructions to convert the program state of a list of programs in the VSCREEN library (iSeries Support Agent) into *SYSTEM. This macro is prepared to be executed using IBM System i Access for Windows.

All the Tango/04 programs are located in the VSCREEN library, which means they will not be added to any other libraries different from the product itself. If a customer audits objects with the program state in *SYSTEM, only programs in the VSCREEN library will be changed.

You can see the content of the scrip using NOTEPAD or any other editor.

Finally, a list of programs used is provided in VSP-POSTINST-EN.PDF on page 5.

If you receive an error stating that macro file is too large / too big and/or needs to be converted, use the VMC_Support_v6r1_VB.mac file instead of the VMC_Support_v6r1.mac file.

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Last Modified On: October 10, 2019