Problem description / Issue description

Visual Control for Jobs and Visual Control for Windows doesn't let QINATITV to automatically finish interactive sessions due to the way they interact with system call stack. This problem has been documented by IBM.


The following things has to be true in order to detect the issue:

1) Visual Control for Jobs running
2) QINATITV active
3) iSeries V6R1
4) Visual Control for Jobs version

Nobody will find a message telling something about this particular problem.

Context information

iSeries must be V6R1 because this Operating System version adds new APIs that our products use in their latest versions (9.0)


Visual Control for Jobs gathers job information from call stack using some OS/400 APIs that inevitably resets inactivity time.


Unfortunatelly, this "problem" does not have a real solution. It has a solution only in the following cases:

1) Erase all exceptions by program (option 16 from menu JOBCTL/CONTROL).

Additional information

The following note was released by IBM:

"Ensure that there is not a job or program on the system monitoring the interactive jobs. Displaying or refreshing the call stack for a job, whether through the WRKJOB or WRKACTJOB command, is considered activity on the job because there is a program run in the target job to return the call stack information."

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018