Problem Description

Sometimes when WMI queries are run, some of them can generate errors, which means the monitor will return an error even if only one of the queries is not working.
The error specifically indicates that a class is not active on the server.
For example, the SELECT * from Win32_PerfRawData_PerfProc_Process query returns an error:


Install the Extensible Performance Counter List (Exctrlst_setup.exe) program (available from the Microsoft Download Center) on the local server where the query fails. Once installed, launch the application:
This tool allows you to see which classes are active or inactive.
In our case, we are interested in the PerfProc search option. Now select the Performance Counters Enabled check box. And then check the regedit as follows:
It will be necessary to reboot the server for the changes to take effect.
This works in accordance with the failed query and the class to which it corresponds.
See these pages for more information:


Additional information (optional)

To verify that the WMI repository is not working correctly:
Step 1. Run the Wmimgmt.msc tool, right click on the WMI repository and click Properties.
Step 2. If it is OK you will see the following window:
Otherwise you will see the following error:
Basically the error indicates that the WMI repository is corrupted:
Step 3. Open a command window (cmd.exe) and run the following:
  winmgmt / verifyrepository
Step 4. If you get a message stating that the Repository is inconsistent, then the WMI is damaged.
Step 5. First, try the following:
  winmgmt / salvagerepository
Step 6. Then try to re-run the first command, if the WMI Repository is consistent, you can now exit and try to rerun the queries in the wbemtest.exe.


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Last Modified On: September 24, 2017