These pages contain articles relating to VISUAL Message Center Dashboards.

Some of the attributes of the styles cannot be changed using the interface. The style definitions are stored in simple xml files. Some simple modifications can be easily realised. Related Topics: Dashboard Custom Configuration, Dashboards
With the increasing relevance of the historical statistic data generated by the ThinkServer monitors, a new step has to be taken into account during the migration of the whole monitoring environment in order to keep the old data and generate the new data in a consistent way.
When trying to save dashboards scripts they are not being saved or are being saved with value 'false'.

Dashboards Module provides functionalities to build the URL to a dashboard by its name.

Provide a persistence module for variables in python Dashboards This is a derivation of the t04custom.persistence module in the ThinkServer the HttpContext.Current.ApplicationState is used as a cache => the value is loaded once for all user during the life of the dashboards process (w3wp.exe). Related Topics: Dashboards.t04Custom, Dashboards
Provides various constants depending of the installation to the other t04custom modules.
If you want to delete some hosts that appear on Dashboards when selecting which host(s) you want for retrieving information, you will have to follow some steps.
After applying keys for the Knowledge Module it's not possible to log on to Dashboards.
Here is a proposition to allow hosts filtering in Dashboards so that it can be easily maintain.
How to trace the VISUAL Message Center Dashboards activity for debugging purposes
When you try to enter Dashboards there's an error that says: No more free nominal users
Python code cannot be saved in dashboards and tables using Internet Explorer. Development tools included in Internet Explorer 9.0 displays some javascript errors.
This page shows example of customization using Python in Dashboards. Related Topics: Dashboards, Code Examples, Python
Server Error in '/' Application. Compiler Error Message: CS0016: Could not write the output file to C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET folder. "Access is denied"

When you are trying to log into Dashboards, into the file "\Dashboards\logs\DashboardTrace.log" you find this error message: 2012-02-14 15:43:48,523 [5] FATAL Tango04.DashBoard.ExceptionHandler - handleException THE APPLICATION DOES NOT HANDLED EXCEPTION System.Web.HttpException: The file '/ShowErrorNotHost.aspx' does not exist.

Dashboards may show a message saying "Missing Stacked Data" for stacked charts.

The sessions connected to Dashboards that are being used to View dashboards are lost when someone else is editing dashboards at the same time.

There are a couple of charts that doesn't get rendered when they have no data.