Some of the attributes of the styles cannot be changed using the interface. The style definitions are stored in simple xml files. Some simple modifications can be easily realised.

The graphics styles are strored in


The gauges style are stored in


The changes are instantaneous. You just need to refresh the dashboard.

PD Important

You should always made a backup of the xml files before trying to modify them.




How To

To change the width of a line you have to change the attribute BorderWidth of the Series tag.

<Series Name="Default" ChartType="Line" BorderWidth="5"> 

To changes the colors used by the data you have to change the values of the attribute PaletteCustomColors of the Chart tag.

<Chart EnableViewState="True" ViewStateContent="All" ... Palette="Dundas" PaletteCustomColors="255, 169, 0; 255, 0, 168; 169, 255, 0; 0, 255, 169; 169, 0, 255; 0, 169, 255" BuildNumber="" ... BorderLineStyle="Solid"> 

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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018