General description

It is possible that in some cases Dashboards doesn't show "Snapshot" type of charts. This is because there is no data available to display.
Not all charts work in the same way. The ones not belonging to "Snapshot" group display a "No Data" message when they have nothing to graph. However, Dashboards team hasn't implemented this feature for "Snapshot" charts because their internal tests caused a big performance hit in Dashboards.

Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

A couple of things can cause this situation:

  1. ThinkServer monitors that feed "Snapshot" charts are in any of the following status:
    a) Stopped
    b) In error
    c) Working without collecting information
  2. Someone has changed the ThinkServer's monitor configuration for the monitor that stores data for "Snapshot" chart
  3. Dashboards configuration is incorrect for "Snapshot" charts. It could be an incorrect variable name, an invalid host, etc
  4. Global storage may be disabled from ThinkServer's main configuration (ThinkServer Configurator >> ThinkServer >> ThinkServer Settings >> Dashboards tab >> "Enable data collection for Dashboards" checkbox)
  5. ThinkServer's agent being used by the group of monitors that collects information for Dashboards may be unresponsive / crashed.

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Last Modified On: October 23, 2018