These pages contain articles relating to VISUAL Message Center Reports.

When you try to execute a report into VISUAL Message Center Reports you get the following error message: "Insufficient Available Memory"

An error pops up during installation: Windows cannot find DocsCopy.exe
The first page of First Run does not appear correctly when opened and it can't go through the First Run process to finish Reports' installation.
These are the steps yo should follow if you have to execute a macro that is already defined in Reports but you have to execute it with a different lapse time.

A short article explaining a workaround solution to using the Save File action with macros in Reports. 

A short article explaining what to do when System.Byte[] text appears on every field of an exported report.

There is an error with u212com.dll when they want to show a report

When trying to automate some reports you receive this error in the macro: Unused week days check No time generated included in date time value retrieved. La colonne 'TimeGenerated' n'appartient pas à la table.