Product Basic Content


ProductVersionLog FileLog File ActivationKeys
AccessServer           ..\tango04\AccessServer\bin\logs


Click here  
Applications Agent     Click here  
Dashboards  2.x


Click here and
Click here for Dashboards Traces in Thinkserver
Dashboards   2.5 \Tango04\Dashboards\Web\Logs\


Go to ..\Dashboards\Dashboards Diagnostic Tool\ and execute the program: "Dashboards Diagnostic Tool.exe". Here, select the installation path of Dashboards and the path of the folder where the generated .zip file will be saved with all the information needed.     
Database Setting Administrator       Depending on which product is using the T4DBDLL, there are several configurations and logs.
• If it is used by Database Settings Administrator, the T4DBDLL is located in the product
installation directory.
By default the Database Settings Administrator’s logs are located in Program 
Files\Tango04\DbSetAdmin, the default log is called T4BDLog.log. The configuration file
used to define the level of the log is called T4bdLoggerConfig.xml and it is located in the
same folder.
• If it is used by ThinkServer (for writing events), the T4BDLog.log is located in the ThinkServer
product installation directory (by default: c:\Program Files\Tango04\Thinkserver\).
• If it is used by NiceLink Daemon (for reading events), the T4BDLog.log is located in the
Windows\system32 folder for 32-bit operating systems or in the Windows\SysWOW64 folder for
64-bit systems. The maintenance service's log is saved in a log file called T4BDMaintainer.log, located in the Database Settings
iSeries Native Products    
1) Product Version
2) OS Version of the iSeries
3) JobLog or Spool File showing the error
how to check the versions of all the products  
NiceLink     Click here  
Notifier     Click here  
Reporting System        
Reports   Tango04\Reports\logs\ast-log.log If the problem is related to Scheduled Macros these 2 files are needed:
- macros.xml file (by default located in:

c:\Program Files\Tango04\Reports\macros) -
Scheduler     All sch-log.log files in ... ...Tango04\Scheduler\log  Versions of these 3 files:  
Tango04.Scheduler.exe Tango04.Scheduler.Common.dll Tango04.Scheduler.Core.dll
Shared Objects       • Shared Objects Version (send either the version.ini file in the product installation directory
or the UtilsServer.Web.dll located by default in c:\Program 
SmartConsole 7.5 Every .log and .old file included in c:\Program Files\Tango04\SmartConsole and c:\Program Files\Tango04\SmartConsole\logs folders    Click here and/or here to activate the Alev Trace   
SmartConsole 8.0 For the kernel part :

For the Web Services part :

For the Web Client part :
ThinkServer   Thinkserver\locallog.log and \Thinkserver\dllversions.log       



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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018