Problem description / Issue description

When  you are using the SmartConsole, you receive in some system connection an error message that says: "is not a valid integer value"; and the connection to that system to retrieve messages is blocked.

Symptoms (optional)

You stop receiving events from a connected direct system, and into the NICElink status windows you'll see the error xx is not a valid integer value.

Cause (optional)

Although, the root cause has not been identified; we think it's due to a bad parsing of a trame into NICElink. This will raise an exception in the process nlkchild.exe and thus you'll see this error.


You have to restart the SmartConsole and Nicelink services. And make sure that there are no:
* Smartconsole.exe
* SmartConsoleService.exe
* Nlkchild.exe

Processes running, or in an unstable status.

Additional information (optional)

Additional information (optional)

This error just happened 5 times in all the Tango/04 history, and each time we didn't count with the proper information to analysis it further, so it could be very useful to report this case sending:

1) Windows EventLog messages from that moment
2) NICELINK Logging/Debug files
3) All the SmartConsole logs

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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018