General description

Into SmartConsole if you click on the button of "View Connections", you'll see that there are six columns:

  • System Name
  • Protocol
  • Connection
  • Cause

The last two columns reference to the jobs BD_MONITOR and KRNSUP into your iSeries system.

Basically they issue (with the user that is configured into your NICElink configurator) these two commands to know the availability of these two jobs:


Conclusion / Solution / Recommendation / Advice

If you are experiencing some troubles with them, just log into the iSeries system interactively with the same user you configured into the NICELink configurator and execute them, if everything is ok, then you shouldn't see any error messages.

What could occur sometimes is that the user doesn't have the right access to objects into iSeries, thus, it fails and into SmartConsole you'll see Unknonw or Inactive (in this case you'll see something like: "No se han asignado los objetos", "The objects are not assigned").

Remember that Windows systems (Thinkserver) won't have any information about MONITOR BD or MONITOR.

Note: To see full description of it, please, take a look at the product User Guide.

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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018