General description

The following information is required when submitting a Service Request for SmartConsole V7.5.


Every .log and .old file included in c:\Program Files\Tango04\SmartConsole folder

2) Configuration File

The full configuration exported file. (.scc file, generated with SmartConsoleImporterExporter.exe located in main SmartConsole folder, or click File from the menu bar and select Export Configuration)

3) Version

SmartConsole.exe version number. It can be retrieved by right-clicking on the file (located by default in C:\Program Files\Tango04\SmartConsole) and selecting Properties, then selecting the Version tab 

4) Alarm Log

When you open SmartConsole, you must click in the icon:  (It's located up in the center of the product). After that please go to File --> Options, and activate the alarm log and select the directory where you want to leave it.

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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018