Problem description / Issue description

After applying some Hotfix or ServicePack of SmartConsole, the services: VISUAL Message Center Publisher and VISUAL Message Center Messenger had disappeared..

Symptoms (optional)

The SmartConsole WebClient stops working as it can't connect properly to your VISUAL Message Center Publisher service. Also, if you go to the manager of services in Windows, you won't find the services or Publisher nor Messenger.    


Here you have a zip file containing four files:



What you'll have to do is the following:

1) Uncompress the first two files into: \program files (x86)\tango04\smartconsole\messenger\
2) Uncompress the files 3 and 4 into: \program files (x86)\tango04\smartconsole\publisher\
3) Close the 2 command prompt (DOS) windows that we opened in the latest webex session
4) Execute (with an administrator account) the files: 1 and 3 (in their respective directories)
5) Finally, start both services from the Start->Run...->services.msc


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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018