Problem or Need

A large volume of events will cause performance issues in the SmartConsole Kernel and Web Client

General Description

From SmartConsole Version 8.0 onwards, the SmartConsole Kernel fills a set of tables located inside the SmartConsole database, with events being sent from NiceLink that match any filter of any Business View. (Remember that Business Views without filters will not store messages for SmartConsole Web Client).

These new event tables will be used later by the Messenger Service to feed the SmartConsole Web Client Messages Panel.

In order to prevent performance issues, it is extremely important to set Database Settings Administrator to purge these events in order to maintain good performance levels, both in the Kernel and the Web Client.

Solution or Workaround

Setting a purge job for these events is easy, simply follow these steps:

1. Open Database Settings Administrator 8.0 or higher and click the Maintenance tab and select the SmartConsole Messages tab.

2. Create a new purge job to run every day on the SmartConsole production database. It is a good idea to use non-business hours when setting up the schedule.

For further details regarding setting up a scheduled purge job, please refer to the Database Settings Administrator User Guide.

Useful Tips

  • It is not necessary to set up an historical database
  • Set the keep value as low as possible, we recommend 3 days, as the Web Client is not intended for forensic event analysis, we can use the SmartConsole Kernel PC application for this purpose instead.
  • Remember that these events are retrieved only from the SmartConsole Web Client via the Messenger service, if you retrieve events from SmartConsole Kernel (PC Application), you will still be retrieving messages from the t4evenlog table via NiceLink.

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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018