Config Info
Name Run a PC program from SmartConsole Alarms
Version 1.0


By default, PC programs (such as .bat files) are executed with SmartConsole Service user (generally Local Service).

You might want to execute a program with specific credentials, for instance if the program needs to use/call network resources.

How to use it

1. In order to execute the Program PROG.EXE with user PROG_USER from domain DOMAIN, run the following command:

2. Then enter the password for user PROG_USER. The credential information will be saved in User Accounts:


The next time you run the command, it won't ask for authentication anymore. Thus you can use this command from SmartConsole (in alarms, action sets...)

Security Concern

Note that credentials are only given for the program chosen in the command (no security hole).

If you want to remove the permissions granted through this command, just remove the user from the list of Windows Credentials.

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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018