Problem description / Issue description

When you start the service of the SmartConsole, or even if it was working fine, you can notice that suddenly the SmartConsole window stops responding, it freezes.


It could be due to several reasons, but the most common cause is because of the size of the WebSmartConsole database. To verify if this is the root cause of the problem, then you should enter the file t4trace.log (located by default into your SmartConsole installation directory) and search for this type of errors: 

Error found executing "DELETE FROM wsc_messages WHERE msgdate < 'YYYYMMDDhhmmss'": [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Query timeout expired

EXCEPTION: [Microsoft][SQL Native Client]Query timeout expired


You can clear all historical messages from the wsc_messages table executing the following SQL sentence:

truncate table wsc_messages
truncate table msgbv


  • This will delete all your historical WebSmartConsole messages.
  • If you try to execute the sentence DELETE into your SQL Server engine, then you will make the Log File of the database increase its size to a really huge value (so, emphatically we don't recommend using DELETE, instead we recommend using TRUNCATE).


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Last Modified On: October 18, 2018